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It takes 3 to have a good marriage

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In the Love Dare, we learned to pray for each other and to see each other through God's eyes.

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  • re: It takes 3 to have a good marriage

    With fathers and mothers like you we see God pulling down the fears that once trailed the younger gen bout love and marriages. Your latter shall greatly surpass your now. Mama you still look beautiful

  • re: It takes 3 to have a good marriage

    This is very wonderful ! I never thought of it like that ... That it takes 3.  We are new at learning to walk in Jesus light .. And every step with the Lord is awesome.. God Bless you both , we have been married 14 years now and - well we were never close to divorce or anything  but definatly the Love Dare and advise like your own and ofcourse having 3 in our marriage things slowly are growing more wonderful and most importantly we are learning to grow together spiritually also -- thanks for your video

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