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Cross my Heart Heather

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I am in the Navy away from my wife, I made this to show her I was thinking of her. 

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  • re: Cross my Heart Heather

    WOW!!!! awesome memories. you guys are so blessed to have each other. May God continue to bless your marriage and family

  • re: Cross my Heart Heather

    wow gud thinking

  • re: Cross my Heart Heather


    Worry about. She did not

    Miss you. She and I had great

    Times night after

    Night  with me. We spent wise

    Time with passion love and

    Lots of

    Each other

    Over 2157 and

    306 videos  that

    You will get to left

    To you in My will Dustin :)  ha ha

    June 2009 till

    April 26 2026

    she was pretty busy keeping me

    Happy most those years

    I guess you a bit annoyed at her

    But we can all laugh now :)

    she did not

    Tell you because

    She was having a ball or two

    But hey look

    On the bright

    Side. She and I had a great time and

    Shared hundreds of memorable pics

    Songs and love while

    You got to play in

    The sand .  So No big deal everyone's happy

    We were al particularly Heather every night

    :) Ahh great memories. Those last

    For life and the media

    Is waiting in

    Cyber space . Your a good

    Sport  most guys coming back from serving would feel pretty unforgiving that their wife was unfaithful for

    seven years. Most of

    Us would feel humiliated

    But your to Nobel to

    Be angry I hear.. One day you will maybe have  sight

    Of the.. But I guess it's easier to pretend you always

    Rocked her world. Ha. No that

    Was me.. May 2009  till April 2016..

    Glad we are all happy in the new roles now and your able

    To forgive and forget your wife and I having a seven year affair

    Way to go


  • re: Cross my Heart Heather

    Your a good sport

    Most bite finding out

    Their wife had a

    Seven year love

    Affair would find it hard. How kind you are to forgive 3 times :) most guys got to

    Much pride  lucky you don't, one

    Day You may know the whole truth that no

    One Respected you enough to give you  ok. I will leave

    The truth.

  • re: Cross my Heart Heather

    Lied to for

    Seven years  by the person you trust most

    :)  wow  WOW. Boy that's huge.. Who lives with that :)

  • re: Cross my Heart Heather

    Maybe we can discuss when I'm back

    In New York  all friends now

    And no need for nasty names  anymore. I have a wonderful kind and amazing woman

    Who I know has never and will

    Never lie.. FeelsGood  you will never know

    It  but trust me



    Sooo good

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