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Video Stories

If you are taking the Love Dare, we offer this online video journal as a place to share your story, find inspiration, or offer encouragement to others on this journey.

This is a community meant to encourage and share thoughts and reactions to The Love Dare and the movie, FIREPROOF. Married couples are encouraged to share their experiences walking through The Love Dare so that others may learn as well. Further, this is a forum that you can reach out to when you are struggling and hopefully someone can offer encouragement and tips from their own experience. 

How to Contribute

Contributing your story to the Love Dare community is easier than ever.  Your Journal posts and Video Stories are autmatically added to each dare day's page dynamically when you select a day to tag it with!

Here are the four easy steps to posting your first Love Dare Video Story:

1) First, make sure you Join or Sign In to the community, and the select The Communtytab.

2) In your Dashboard, select "Create My Applications" if this is your first time writing a Journal post or adding a video to your Media Gallery.  Clicking that button will create your personal Love Dare Journal and Media Gallery.

3) After creating your applications, click on the media gallery button that now appears.  This will allow you to upload the a new file to your personal Media Gallery.  Click onUpload File on the right hand side of the navigation bar.

4) Click on the Specify File/URLbutton and upload a .wmv or .flv file from your computer (we can upload other file types, but they will be presented only as downloadable files and not streaming video).  Type in a name, a breif description, and then be sure to select the proper Day Number from the drop down menu.  Hit save, and your video will be available on that day's page!

Thanks for sharing your Love Dare Story with us!