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  • jnh2001's journal

    Dare 29R2

    Again a dare I can't realy do, but that is OK God is in control, I Got to see my girls and play cards with them, we laugh and talk, but when I leave...
  • michelle323's journal

    He left

    Im not having a good morning at all. The past few days have been pure hell. His mother is being so stubborn and he is being so nasty. Yesterday when I...
  • jnh2001's journal

    Dare 28R2

    I would love to fulfill her needs, but I don't have the option to do this right now, except that I am supporting her by having a good paying job. I...
  • Eddie's journal

    June 15, 2018

    I went to Vacation Bible School yesterday and listened to an excellent preacher. He talked about the good Samaritan. This preacher was so full of knowledge...
  • tim's journal

    away for a few days

    I won't be responding for a few days. I'll not have much access to a computer and will be out of town till Sunday night. A daughter, who gets emotional...
  • dpowell16's journal

    June 14th

    This week has been really good for me! Monday and Tuesday I was able to talk through some things with my best friend and it really helped me move past...
  • jnh2001's journal

    Dare 27R2

    I think this time I actually have no expectations. I want to have expectations, I want to have my way, but I gave it to God and I want his best. I can...
  • TessyM02's journal


    Great evening to you all. I pray that you are in good spirits. Since Tuesday I have been contemplating if I'm going to buy my husband a father's...
  • Eddie's journal

    June 14, 2018

    I spent two hours in therapy this morning. It seemed like thirty minutes. I guess I had a lot to say. I went over all my struggles and found that some...
  • amymg1's journal

    the struggle - its so hard.. it breaks

    My husband was on a business trip the last 4 days and I took the time to delve into depression and what it looks like in a man and how to best support...
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