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700 Club 8/10/2009 God spoke to me.

My name is Denise for those of you who dont know. I was given a word over a year ago and it was on the 700 club. i look back at it now and i jus want to cry.. dont kno wat i did wrong..? Maybe i didnt spend enough time with God.. didnt listen to him or was still?

Go to the time 56:05 it might take a while for the youtube video to load but this is all i kan to until i kan get the video into the computer again.

Any comments are welcome.. :/

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  • re: 700 Club 8/10/2009 God spoke to me.

    Just keep being still and trusting Him for your marriage.  Keep pursuing Him.  

    I have been standing for the restoration of my marriage since June 2008.  In September 2009, I got a couple of words from the Lord about my situation; part of which was that I would only have to "hang on for just a little while longer".  God and I have very different senses of what "a little while" is.

    And so I continue to wait on Him for this...asking Him to fulfill these promises

  • re: 700 Club 8/10/2009 God spoke to me.

    I too have been given words from the Lord saying that my husband will come back to God and "hold on, you will be glad you did, It will be worth it in the end." I can tell you I haven't seen that yet..its been 8 months but I know when God promises something he is faithful. I also believe that he doesn't really give us much of an "opt" out from marriage. Two reasons I believe he didn't one is because the unbelieving spouse is santified by the other (if they are serving God) This is your first promise....second I believe its God saying you can't limit me...I can and do anything if you will have the Faith to endure. Plus getting out of the marriage will only cause scars and what ifs..This covenant is great...Hold on! God is never failing!

  • re: 700 Club 8/10/2009 God spoke to me.

    veyy sad :(

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