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Day 10

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Last night was a horrible one. I was served with the divorce petition from my wife’s attorney. She was expecting me to fly off the handle, but I stayed calm and even spent some time with her. 

Todays dare to do something out of the ordinary. I used to by her roses early in our relationship but have not in a long while. I purchased 2 dozen roses to be delivered to office with a nice vase. 

I need help with praying. I am praying for her everyday. Praying that my temper stays in check forever.


  • Praying is our side of our connection to God. Just start taking to him, there are times where reverence in prayer is justified, but god wants to hear your pain, fear, anger, disappointments, and love from your point of view. Remember that he will not bend to your will in anything but will listen and answer both in words and in deeds.  

  • Reverent prayer is really what all prayer becomes, because we come to see just how awesome God is how holy and that my sin crucified his son Jesus and knowing that we would hate him and treacherously use him he still wants to have a relationship with us, and listen to our cries for help.

    On top of that get into the habit of talking to him at specific times during the day about your wife and your situation, on top of just taking to him about you, ask him for wisdom and clarity of mind, don't be afraid the bible says "you do not have because you do not ask" so ask away and if he sees fit to give it to you, you will get it.

  • Take time in prayer to praise His name.  To give Him the honor, glory, and thanksgiving.  Let Him know you know He as all the power and might.  And take a few minutes or a little bit of time and Be still and allow Him time in the conversation.  Not that you will hear His voice all the time in this quiet time.  But, it shows honor giving Him some time.  And maybe you will "hear" His voice at some point.  

    To keep calm when she really expects you to blow a gasket, not just once but several times in the last few days.  This is what's opening the door a little wider for God to work in her. This is what's helping, not that He needs our help, God place conviction upon her.  

    She may become confused if she isn't already. And she probably is.  that she's wondering if she's doing the right thing.  That is this new you the real you.  Did you finally become the husband she always wanted.  She has free will, but it is not over yet.  God is never late.

  • if getting those papers has you down.  imagine really putting God way above her.  Yet loving her no less.  And know the peace of God is right there.  Go to prayer, a sincere prayer, and read psalms, or whatever your favorite comfort verses are.  And be in fellowship.  Christ's peace is there, no matter what she says or does or what ever happens.

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