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This one has proved to be very interesting and God has shown himself in our lives this week. I try to do a dare a day during the week, but last week was HARD. I read this dare on Wednesday, and that was it until yesterday. On Wednesday my 6 year old grandson came home from church and said my husband "kicked him in the back." He is blind in one eye and can see only a percentage out of the I was no immediately concerned. However, when his mother shared this with my husband, he became enraged and began to defend she became belligerent and they parted ways still angry and upset. I told my husband I was proud of him for not yelling, and for stating his side in a rational manner. I believe he did not kick him in the back. 

On Friday she had called the deacons at the church and expressed concern about D with her son, and asked for them to watch him while he was there. This stoked the fire, and D was angry and it spewed all over me. (Thankfully, she was not there.) I left for a meeting, and we did not talk again until Sunday morning, where I again told him I did not believe he did anything wrong. While at church we went back and gathered the camera footage of the event, and it showed that D just talked to him and swatted him. 

This dare says to remove anything that is coming between you and your spouse--and since this event she has been gone. It breaks my heart to not have my grandsons with me, however, if this is God's will I accept it. I feel as if I did not complete the dare, since I had very little to do with this whole thing, but I did protect my husband from himself and I did not allow this to separate me from him.

  • I guess it's a good thing the camera footage showed what it did but it's horrible that it had to go that far. Sounds like a lot of pride getting in the way from all sides. It sounds like you handled it very well. Great job telling your husband you were proud of him for his behavior. He needs that kind of support. I hope everything works out from here on. Continue to pray about everything.

  • It's good you didn't follow emotions like everyone else did.    I know I t gets really difficult  doing a dare a day, but really, really try to do so.   If you can't do a dare one day, go tot he next dare the next day.  

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