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Honor and Respect

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I am to choose a way to show honor and respect that is above my normal routine... That should not be hard. This also says love honors even when rejected. Love treats its beloved as special and sacred even when an ungrateful attitude is all you get in return. What if all I get is anger and frustration in return? I am still smarting from the attack at dinner last night...and the one when I got home from work...and the one before I went to work. Not one day goes by and I say something or do something and am blasted for it. It sounds/feels like I need to do some work on my heart before I can pull this one off--forgiveness and bitterness removal coming up. 

I love the way this helps us keep focused on our issues--personal things we need to change in order to be the type of spouse God would have us be. I idly wonder if I had been focused on the love dare with my first husband, would we have ended up the way we did? I discovered after 12 years that he was abusing my daughters, so I took them and moved to an apartment. I spent a year ministering to him...I wanted us to receive counseling and save our marriage. He divorced me, though. And God worked it all out for good...but I still wonder. 

  • You mention normal routine.......As you continue the dares you will see how your previous normal routine was more of the flesh or  the world's ways vs how you are now being molded in God's ways.  

    As he blasts you away, continue to realize right now this is your journey, for you to change, not him.  Remember the no expectations thing.  

  • And seek all your comfort from God right now, not at all from him.  

  • Jesus loved everyone but some just couldn't stop plotting to kill him. And they did. Talk about rejecting love. Our trials are simple compared to that. I feel you though. My love is rejected also. My wife wants nothing to do with it. That doesn't change my choice to love her. Love is a choice. Feelings follow. If everyone understood that problem solved.

    This and the Bible will keep you focused. Stay in God's word daily.

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