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Today's dare says choosing to love is a truer love because it has its eyes wide open. I love that. And I love the idea of leading my heart to delight in my mate. There are so many wonderful things about should not be difficult to delight in him. This dare might be one of the hardest so far because we are to "just be together." I will say something that will anger him, or he will be angry because his tea isn't refilled fast enough, or he won't know why he is angry and begin picking on me like he did this morning. First thing! Sigh.

It has been planned and he seems excited since I usually donate a couple of hours on Thursday nights to the food pantry. I will pray all day for comfort, and keep Scripture first in my brain. Great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them. Ps. 119:165; Whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report...if there be any virtue or any praise, think upon these things. Phil 4:8. 

  • Oh, we see from the Love Dare how to see those positive things in such a light. Unfortunately our spouses are still focusing on all the negatives and they are getting their expectations dashed daily. Hopefully as we continue to show them unconditional love it will rewire them to wonder why and they will start trying to figure it out themselves. Until then we must press on and put Christ first in everything we do. Stay humble and serve him and by doing that you will be serving Jesus.

  • You mention it being the hardest dare so far.  that is good.  the dares we deem hard are the dares we grow the most in and the dares that, if we choose to do them as they are intended to be done are the dares that allow us to more fully open the  door  for Christ to work in our spouse.

    Let his anger not  affect you.  Let  the pull of God on you affect you.  And when you stay in peace when he picks on you, you allow God to work in him all the more.

  • didn't go as well as I hoped. I wasn't even expecting this blow up...he came back and stated the bill was really high (we get a side of rice and beans, and tortillas), so I said that was ridiculous. I then stated I had tasted his tea and it wasn't even any good....but, nevermind he must have liked it because he drank several glasses. He went from 0-80 in anger--why did it matter if he drank tea...he likes sweet tea and I just needed to get over it. And I just needed to take him home instead of the library, and if I wouldn't he could walk!

    I didn't show unconditional love, nor did I have peace about it. Sigh. I told him I had legs too and I could walk...but I was headed to the library. Period. He went with me...they were empty threats. I tried to explain I wasn't even referring to the fact he drinks so much sweet tea...just that they food was not worth what they charged. I am sure I let my frustration with his anger epic fail.

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