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Facing Forward

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This is the week before Christmas Break, and I am wondering how to journal while gone for two weeks. I am sure there is a way, and I will figure it out. I would hate to lose this momentum. Things are going well as they can, I think. Praying for myself to have the strength to look forward and not at my distractions! 

  • Do you have The Love Dare book? It has a journal. I journal in it and on here.

  • Yes, I do. I share it with my husband, however, so I haven't journaled in the book. And I know he reads everything I write in my I hate to even write in them. It wouldn't be true, anyway, because I would be careful. :(  

  • Doing the dares works best when done by yourself without letting your spouse know. Because often when we share the LD, they think of it as a step by step guide to winning your spouse back since they aren't called to do the dares as you were.  

    Plus, knowing he knows about it will set you up to have expectations of him doing the dares or at least learning from them.  So, be vigilant in not expecting anything of him. Right now, look at growing in Christ and leave him to Christ to work in.  

    While gone, not sure if you will be with him or not, continue the doing a dare a day the best yoiu can.

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