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God prepares us!

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Hey Everyone,


It has been a little while since I lasted posted.  To catch anyone up, I am on the last two dares, I will give my wife the letter tomorrow morning.  I am 90% sure that my wife told me she loved me when I had dropped off a garden hose for the camper she bought.  It did make me feel good, but it just lead me to Jesus, and admire him more.  Then on Saturday, God had a plan... I know surprised Well he has been working on Saturday for some time.  I have been invited to travel a couple hours out of two to visit a church convention with a friend.  I have fought this temptation but decided on Friday to go ahead and go.  I should also add that this denomination is not the same as mine, and I am not at this point looking to switch.  So I really didn't have a good reason to go, other then I felt lead to it.  The main message that was being talked about while I was there was enduring the trials we have with faith.  They shared four different stories in the bible where God blessed those who were faith under distress and how God responded with blessings.  On my way home I thought, hmmm... God point but why did God send me all the way down there for this.  He must have wanted me to go down there several weeks ago when I was first asked.  


That evening I opened my Dare book and read the passages for the dare.  Wouldn't you know that the day I was on was Love Endures!  After reading this, I got up out of bed and put my headphones on to listen to the word.  I know what God was telling me, be ready!  He was preparing me for what was about to come.  That night, just one day after my wife told me she loved me, she shared that she is not interested in having a relationship with me, but that she just gets caught up in the familiarity some times.  I simply said ok, and I have no expectations.  I love you no matter what, and then she started to share some of the events of the day with me through text.

Normally I would be crushed, having received this text from her.  I am so close to the end of the 40 dares, and she rejects me like that, and right after telling me she loved me.  Instead, I smiled.  I literally smiled, looked up and said thank you.  You have been preparing me for that text.  I don't know if that is all I am to endure because it is fairly minor, but I know I kept my faith in him during it.  God is Awesome!

  • you mentioned denominations.  i am very happy with mine and as you not interested in switching.  But it is pretty cool how we can gain from other denominations such as you did.

    Thank God you went right to God in all of this.  

    Are you planning another round?  So many say they do round 2 and get so much out of it, in a different way than round one.

  • It is amazing how much we don't react when we trust God and listen to him & are prepared for whatever comes our way!

  • I am planning another round,  I am not sure if I will roll right into it, or take a week break and just try and live by their principles before diving back in for another journey.  I am very interested to see what the first 10 days are like now that I am not just fixated on getting my wife back.

  • Trust Him. The God.

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