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God is great in his ways!

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Sorry for posting twice in one day, but I didn't want either one to be to long.  And the events happened on two separate days and have separate messages.

On Sunday afternoon (one day after my wife said she has no interest in a relationship with me) my wife calls me.  She asks if I am busy or if I had time to talk to her.  I said of course I would talk to her, and asked her what was up.

She went on to tell me that her brother (whom we have tried twice before and been burned) had called her and has been in a treatment center but is about to get out.  Here brother is looking for a place to stay so he doesn't have to go back to the environment that he came from.

Since I am an alcoholic and addict in recovery she wanted to know my thoughts.  Instead of giving her my thoughts I asked for her thoughts first.  What she shared was interesting but not totally unexpected.  She shared with me that her biggest concern in having him move back into the spare bedroom wasn't that he was going to do any harm, or even that he wouldn't see it through again this time.  Her main concern was what others would say.  She told me that she didn't think one of her sisters would associate with her anymore, and that her mom and the family would speak poorly of her.  She was afraid of looking like a fool or idiot.

I told her all I can do is share some bible versus with her, to pray and mediate over as she makes this decision, and that I would send those to her.


Later in prayer, I believe God showed me that this fear of rejection and loosing her families approval was a huge sticking point in her ever coming back to me.  I don't know that the Lord sent her brother to break this chain for her, but it was pretty amazing the timing.  I don't think she would ever take me back with this type of need from her family.  If that is truly removed, it is one mountain moved.

I will see in Gods time what it ends up being, but it was pretty cool none the less. 

  • Yes it is pretty cool.

    It is amazing how God can use anything to for our good.  Even the worse storms when we stay in faith bring us good, and so often more good than we can imagine.  

  • Amen! It's amazing when God gives you insight like that!

  • I am glad that you had posted the two stories, I had been discouraged in my love day trial and I am but I am trusting in God and your story has inspired me to preserver the pain that I am going through, so I applaud your trust and ability to make yourself vulnerable, I myself am still working on it.  Thank you again and may your journey be a great one.  

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