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Disappointed but remain hopefull

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I prayed to God to help me approach this dare, and not let it just be lusting of my flesh, and with the wall between my wife and I in this level of intimacy, that I approach it how he wanted me to. After much prayer, and resisting the temptation that the enemy threw at me last night, I truly thought God was going to work a miracle and have this dare received by my wife.  Instead I received a simple no thank you, and then no communication all day.  I was able to turn to God, and learn from this rejection.  I learned a couple important things today.  First I learned what it feels like for Christ to long for us, and to have us walking so close, but refuse him when he asks us to take our intimacy to the next level.  I also learned how I still long to be with my wife more than I long to be in fellowship with Christ. In all reality I did learn another lesson too.  I learned how much I love my wife.  Even though she rejects me, I don't seek to find it elsewhere outside of God.  I could easily have been with this other woman and filled my fleshly desires, but without God involved I have no interest.  Thank you God for the growth that has come up till this point.  I am excited to see where you take me in the future.  Though I am sad from the rejection of my wife, it is not all consuming anymore, instead I turn to God's word, and worship him.  I poor myself into working on my inventory to put my self right with him and others.  I am not ready yet to receive the fruits of this marriage because it very well could stop my growth.  In the pain I rejoice.  Thank you Lord. 

  • Your words speak right to my heart! I completely am bowled over with the same understanding... I am not ready to receive the fruits of my relationship either. I need to allow Christ to pour into my life...

    This is why we don't focus on the response. We focus on Christ. He alone is where our hope is. I let myself get caught up and put my wants and needs above what Christ told me to do the last two days. Ugh.

    And I'm so glad God is renewing your mind and showing you things that you need to work on. As well as falling in love even more with you wife. Kudos to you for not losing hope!

  • Her saying no is just another way for God to work in her.  You now see how God feels when we fall short.  And how you still hold her higher than Christ.  Remember, we have a jealous God.  And be sure you get to the point quickly of having God way, way above your wife, but not loving her less.  

    Keep seeking wisdom from Christ in all of this.  

  • I suppose the greatest thing I've learned is by loving God first, we can love others better.  I pray that God will never let me forget this, so that I can truly love people, especially my husband, with the love of Christ.

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