Collaborate without boundaries
  • Pause

    I have taken a pause from reading the LD. I had some information come my way via my wife and a mesage from another person letting me know what was going on with my wife. It was a pretty hard hit to me and my focus the LD. I figured it was a good time...
  • Stuck

    I didn't even realize that I was on day 39 till I read the end of the dare. I wrote the letter and it has been sitting on the dinning room table for a few days. I had thought of different ways to send the letter, as we are not living together. I'm...
  • Staying focused

    This was a tough dare, to say the we are not living under the same roof. I have had some contact with her in the last few days that has been good. We are able to hold a conversation, they are short...but getting better everytime! I had called...
  • Blunt

    Today's dare was a tough one. Not in what was needed to be said but as how it would be recieved and the response that it would get, if any at all. I have gotten into a routine that I get up before work, pray, read the chapter for the day, then pray...
  • Studying

    I made a pretty big realization today, that is somewhere along the way I have stopped studying her! When we were dating I was all about making sure I knew what she liked/disliked, cause I didn't want to make anymistakes. I can remember after spending...
  • Contact

    I hadn't heard from her in a few days, as she moved out on the 11th and has been rocky going since then. She sent me a text this morning asking how I was doing and if I was ok. I told her i was doing alright and that it has been one day at a time...
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