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I didn't even realize that I was on day 39 till I read the end of the dare.  I wrote the letter and it has been sitting on the dinning room table for a few days. I had thought of different ways to send the letter, as we are not living together. I'm thinking of mailing it or sticking it in the mailbox, she still has a key for that and checks it every so often.  


It says to only do one dare at a time, no more, no less.  In that I have written the letter but she hasn't gotten it the dare complete?

  • If you can put the letter where she can find it that would be good.  And yes, then for sure the dare is complete.  Even if she never reads the letter.   But if she sees it and does not read it, God still uses that to work in her.  

    i would suggest doing a round two.  I know it is tough doing the dares when you do not live together, but, so many get so much more out of round two vs round one.  

  • Thanks for the input!!  Much appreciated!!  Kind of felt i flew threw the first time.   I struggled threw the first time, not with "what am i doing" but more afraid of the responses i would get. Knowing that HE is by my side doing these makes it much easier!!


  • As long as you wrote the letter and leave it where she can find it you have completed the dare. If you have to mail it I say do it. Once it's out of your hands it's out of your hands.

    "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."

    Colossians 3:23

  • Well it's been a while since i last posted.  There have been some down hill slides with everything going on and I have not been reading the book.  I haven't given up on it just needing to focus on my self and my walk with God.  It's tough to be reading the book and not being able to fully carry out the dares when we are not really speaking to each other.

    She has gotten the letter.  Although I don't know if she has read i, I didn't ask if she did.  That was/is out of my hands.  I have written another letter a couple weeks ago and it is still with me.  It wasn't to try to jump ahead when the dare comes back around, but just needed to put thoughts on paper.

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