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Today's dare was a tough one.  Not in what was needed to be said but as how it would be recieved and the response that it would get, if any at all.


I have gotten into a routine that I get up before work, pray, read the chapter for the day, then pray for guidance in what i should read from the bible.  I have been praying heavy for guidance and wisdom as I go threw this and for her to have guidance and wisdom as well and I pray that through out the day as well.  After reading the chapter for today it weighed heavy on my heart as to how I would go about today's task, as I being a male can be very blunt and to the point at times.  So I wrote what was in the book for the day, "I love you. Period. I choose to love you even if you don't love me in return".  Blunt and to the point!  I got a response that I wasn't expecting, I was expecting the worst!  It wasn't the worst and it wasn't an "I love you" in return it was right in the middle...I was elated!!  I realized once again that if you put it in his hand he will work wonders!  That was this afternoon.


I left work and headed straight for church, as i work retail and have to open my store in the morning and our church has a Saturday service.  I had decided after going to service last Saturday I would make it a goal to go as often as I could.  (our church even streams Sunday service threw their website...bonus). I went to church tonight and she sent me a text asking about an item that I had and if she could get it.  I said sure and told her that I was at church at the moment.  She said ok and that she would pick it up tomorrow before going to work.  She also asked what time church started Sunday, I told her, praying that she is going to go.  I will be continuning to pray that she goes and that one day we can go together, and rebuild our relationship on the foundation of God's word.  

  • Good morning routine.  As for the prayer for her, just make sure there are no selfish motives in it so that she changes to make your life better.  If right now there is some selfishness in there, then it may be best to simply pray for God's will to be done in her life.  

    Do the dares as intended, without manipulating them.  Dares like this should be done in person if possible, next via a phone call, lastly in written form.  Maybe that's the only way you could do it, but try your best to text or email as last resort.  

  • Have no expectations, of her, good or bad, when you do the dares.  And it's good to enjoy the good responses from her, but make sure you let God know He is your true source of comfort and you enjoy Him so much more.  

  • I pray that she does go to church with you someday.

    I'm on the exact same dare today. I sent the text from the book verbatim. I didn't expect a response and I didn't get on. At all. But I know she saw it and now she has to think about it. More importantly I have to live it through this book and my actions. As YOU continue to grow in Christ He will continue to show through you. People will notice and your wife will notice. Make that man a habit

    Praying for you!

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