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I made a pretty big realization today, that is somewhere along the way I have stopped studying her!  When we were dating I was all about making sure I knew what she liked/disliked, cause I didn't want to make anymistakes.  I can remember after spending time together we would go our seperate ways and I would make notes in her contact profile on my phone and if i had a question about something i would refer back to it and hopefully find the answer to my question.  Weather it was what kind of pasta sauce she liked or that random item she asked for for Christmas back in July.  It also takes me back to when I was in school, if I didn't write something down I would forget it, such as homework!  I know can see why it was so important growing up that we had dinner as a family.  It was nice to have us all there eating and talking about our days.  It wasn't just cause it was something to do, it was a way for our parents to get to know us better and for us to get to know our parents better.


Today's dare:  I have asked if I could make her dinner sometime, as she is not living under the same roof.  Praying and waiting on a response!

  • That's a big realization. I realized the same thing not too long ago. We should study our wives. Know them inside and out. So we can show them the love they deserve.

    Family Dinners died a long time ago in our home. I am working on putting that back in place. It's going to be difficult but I'm determined.

    Good luck with the dinner. I haven't hit that dare yet. That's going to be a doozie. Just don't expect anything, just like in the Fireproof movie.

  • I have recieved a response and it sounds like she is interesed.  I will be praying for the best!

    You can do it!  Our dining room table became a catch all for all of lifes paper work and didn't have the space to sit at it and have dinner.  It took some time but i was able to get it cleared off and now I eat at it when ever I can.  I had gotten it cleaned off before she left and we were able to eat at it a couple times before she left.  Good times!  

    Good luck with getting back on track with the family dinners.  

  • Take time to thank God she seems interested.  And then let God know you are more excited about Him than you are about any good reactions you get from her.  

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