Collaborate without boundaries
  • Working on our marriage

    I know it's been almost 2 months since I last posted, a lot has happened and since wife moved out. I lost the apartment, moved into my parents house, was not able to keep up with dares because of living in different households, but I made it clear...
  • Seperation agreement

    W e met with a counselor today and the seperation is now in effect. It was said that we should give each other some space and still reach out but give space. How do I continue the dares its day 27 tomorrow?
  • Advice on seperation

    My wife says she is moving today and has packed her stuff yesterday. Is there any advice on dealing with this and stuff..our Pastor suggested to her to consider trial separation instead of divorce and she is going by the seperation..does counseling usually...
  • Wife is moving out

    Wife says she's moving out tomorrow which is way sooner than the expected time, she initially said May. Monday we attempted to make love and I messed up and went soft she started crying and wanted me to go away. Just now as I came home we sat and...
  • Hello everyone, still standing

    Today my Pastor shared a message that really hit home to me..the bible says we are to be the salt of the earth and light to the world and the enemy is waring in every area and is doing everything he can to get us from being salt to the earth My Pastor...
  • Horrible

    So something terrible just wife was horny and we attempted to make love and I went soft..and she started crying and pushed me away..before we made love she said she doesn't know if we should because she still thinks we should go with...
  • Excited

    My wife seems to be more happy..after we were done watching a movie we had happy conversations and laughter again.. I asked her if she wanted to ride in the car with me today to church and she she thought long about it like 30 seconds to answer she said...
  • Wife says we are just that incompatible

    Wife says to me how here needs were not met and that is apart of the reason she feels it wont work out..she says her sexual needs w ere not met and sex was not that well as other needs..she says she doesn't want to leave home but it needs...
  • Wife wants me to stop doing romance

    Me and wife sat at table today and she expressed to me how she is hurt and all the pain I'v caused her and how she is unhappy and I'm not the man she thought she married 8 months ago and how ive changed ever since we got married and how we got...
  • Dinner for love dare 18 didn't go well

    I waited till she got home..when she got home I surprised her, music playing and I dressed in a blazer. She said I never do stuff like this I explained to her that I was a jerk but I want to do this now..we had dinner, nice conversation and then she broke...
  • Still Standing

    Hello everyone, I'm still standing and I still have hope for the covenant that me and my wife have with God. My wife wanted to just get a divorce and end it, now she took wise counsel from our Pastor and she is willing to do a trial separation. She...
  • About to give up

    We have been married almost 8 months, my Wife already explained she wanted a divorce because of my behavior and me being verbally abusive. She plans to separate next month, Today me and my wife connected and we were actually having a good time together...
  • Help Help Encouragement

    My wife and I have been married only 7 months she believes that I cannot change and their is nothing anyone can say to her to make her change her mind that she wants out. 1st she said she wants an anolement which I don't think is possible because...
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