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Seperation agreement

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We met with a counselor today and the seperation is now in effect. It was said that we should give each other some space and still reach out but give space. 


How do I continue the dares its day 27 tomorrow?

  • Everyone that has separated that i remember kept to the do a dare a day, no more, no less.  Any more will get in her space.  And just a dare a day shouldn't be too much.  

    The book doesn't say stop the dares if a spouse moves out.  

    People even do the dares after a d happens.  

    You will have to depend on God even more to accomplish the dares now, and this is good.  And you may have to be creative in how to accomplish the dares the best you can.

  • Since you still need to reach out just tell her what the dare tells you to. Tell her your sorry for being so hard on her about this separation if that's the case and tell her you are trying to understand her better. And make sure, like the dare says, you assure her of your unconditional love, no matter what choice she makes.

    I really want to do the dares again and I may start regardless of my situation. I had to quit after 1-1/2 rounds because everything I was saying and doing was being used against me in court as harassment because she didn't want it. I think that if you are following God then no matter what anyone thinks, courts included, you are doing the right thing. If I get held in contempt of court it doesn't matter because I'm still standing for marriage which is what God would expect.

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