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  • Hello

    Hello all. I pray you all are in good spirits. Yesterday was a tough day for me. I basically gave up, out of frustration, with my thoughts and words but deep in my heart I knew that didn't reflect my true feelings. I had to repent and gird up my mind...
  • God's Goodness

    Morning all. I pray you all are in good spirits. No change between hubby and I but just wanted to share about the goodness of God. My hours at work have been dwindling because we are in our slow season so I was kinda worried about bills and such. I just...
  • Doubt

    Hi all. I pray things are going well for each of you. Things seems to have went downhill a bit for me in a certain area. For the past week the texts and the phone calls dwindled to nothing. I heard something today from my son that for a brief moment had...
  • Praise God

    Praise God. Happy Sabbath Day to you all. My faith in God has been increased which has in turn boosted my hope and patience. I really needed to read or hear some good news today. Lynn, you better give the Lord a shout. Thank you for standing, believing...
  • What a day

    Today started out great but quickly turned rough. I won't go into detail but am asking for your prayers.
  • Why

    Have you ever wondered why God is allowing so many marriages to fail?
  • Single vs married advice

    Morning all. I pray you all are in good spirits. Just wanted to advise you all to be carefulf from whom you seek counsel and advice from and what you actually take in. Sunday my husband called but I didn't answer because I thought he was calling to...
  • Help and a nice gesture

    So as hubby and I were discussing our bills for this week, we still share care insurance and cell phone plan, I asked him could he pay my share of the car insurance. He agreed. Said It's the least he could do........ Later while picking up the kids...
  • Shooting star

    So I just saw a shooting star. My first thought was, "a shooting star so I gotta make a wish" . Instead of a wish I just thanked God for bringing my husband home. P.S. I know a shooting star is only a meteor. My inner child just jumped out....
  • Prayers please

    Not LD related but is asking for your prayers. We lost a furbaby yesterday. She was the sweetest little pit I've ever seen. Always showed love and loved to be loved on. We're gonna miss her dearly. I feel like its my fault for two reasons. She...
  • Remember

    Lets all remember that what our spouses are doing are not them, that its the evil within them. The enemy has set up shop in their minds and are using them. This is a spiritual warfare were fighting not natural. Christ has already paid the ransom and won...
  • He tried it

    Tim you are exactly right. When there's peace the enemy creeps in. I got ripped a new one today . I told him that I want to talk but he got frustrated and was like what could we possibly have to talk about.Told me I don't have any rights to him...
  • Hi

    Just wanted to say hello and to tell everyone to be encouraged. God is not done with us or our spouses yet. DH and I are still getting along good. Texts and calls everyday but still no talk of reconciliation. Im just taking one day at a time and growing...
  • Sanctity of Marriage

    What happened to the sanctity of marriage? When did marriage become a contract? I can't even fathom how foolish towards marriage people are. Listening to people at work today literally made me sigh. People really do think since things aren't working...
  • God is good!

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to tell of the goodness of God. So because of Ga being affected by hurricane Irma our power went out at 12:30pm Monday. Hubby called about 2:30 to check on us and I informed him we didn't have power. 7:30 rolled around and...
  • In all things give thanks.

    1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Remember to be thankful in this season of life. We tend to bless the Lord for the good but do we really thank him during hard times as well? I've...
  • Really feeling it today

    That moment when you really need your spouse but they are nowhere to be found and could care less that you need them because they are too busy "living" their own lives and being happy. Im having to recite over and over in my head, Gods strength...
  • Ran across this

    Old wine tastes better than new wine. Forget the new wine bottle, forget the shape, forget the waiter that serves it, forget how it makes you feel. Invest in your marriages, make it work. To fail your wife is to fail God. Take your marriages seriously...
  • Forgiveness

    In order to love unconditionally we must seek forgiveness from God and forgive as well. Forgive ourselves for the mess that we made then be willing to forgive our spouse daily. Each day I choose to forgive my husband for every act that goes against our...
  • Little update.

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop in and tell everyone to be encouraged and to keep standing and waiting patiently on God. He will get the glory from each situation. T and I are getting along great. We talk nearly every day (he calls me) and he sends...
  • Are we standing for what God stands for?

    Good morning! This has been weighing heavy on my heart. We are all fighting, standing, and honoring our marriage but are we in Gods will by doing so. Does God honor the marriage? Here are some scriptures that will help answer that question. 1 Corinthians...
  • Children and broken homes

    So as we were riding yesterday my daughter just out of the blue said "I miss my dad. I want him to come back home and i'm tired of going to his house". At that very moment I felt like someone jabbed a knife through my heart. All I could...
  • Victory

    This message was sent to me so I'll share it with you all. Suffer no violence but take victory by force. For me that means that I should stopped praying for what I want to happen and start thanking God for doing it. By faith I claim my victory. Besides...
  • Trust

    So I just opened the mail for today. After reading one particular piece, it's contents let me know that I HAVE to put ALL of my faith, trust and hope in God. That I must abandon my own will then submit completely to him and he will provide for me...
  • Do not snoop

    Brothers and sisters, do not be a snooper. The less you know the better. Hubby still uses our joint checking account so I see everything he swipes his dc for. It makes me wanna punch him Iin the face. God help me. Lol I see that he spends unnecessarily...
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