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  • Sanctity of Marriage

    What happened to the sanctity of marriage? When did marriage become a contract? I can't even fathom how foolish towards marriage people are. Listening to people at work today literally made me sigh. People really do think since things aren't working...
  • God is good!

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to tell of the goodness of God. So because of Ga being affected by hurricane Irma our power went out at 12:30pm Monday. Hubby called about 2:30 to check on us and I informed him we didn't have power. 7:30 rolled around and...
  • In all things give thanks.

    1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Remember to be thankful in this season of life. We tend to bless the Lord for the good but do we really thank him during hard times as well? I've...
  • Really feeling it today

    That moment when you really need your spouse but they are nowhere to be found and could care less that you need them because they are too busy "living" their own lives and being happy. Im having to recite over and over in my head, Gods strength...
  • Ran across this

    Old wine tastes better than new wine. Forget the new wine bottle, forget the shape, forget the waiter that serves it, forget how it makes you feel. Invest in your marriages, make it work. To fail your wife is to fail God. Take your marriages seriously...
  • Forgiveness

    In order to love unconditionally we must seek forgiveness from God and forgive as well. Forgive ourselves for the mess that we made then be willing to forgive our spouse daily. Each day I choose to forgive my husband for every act that goes against our...
  • Little update.

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop in and tell everyone to be encouraged and to keep standing and waiting patiently on God. He will get the glory from each situation. T and I are getting along great. We talk nearly every day (he calls me) and he sends...
  • Are we standing for what God stands for?

    Good morning! This has been weighing heavy on my heart. We are all fighting, standing, and honoring our marriage but are we in Gods will by doing so. Does God honor the marriage? Here are some scriptures that will help answer that question. 1 Corinthians...
  • Children and broken homes

    So as we were riding yesterday my daughter just out of the blue said "I miss my dad. I want him to come back home and i'm tired of going to his house". At that very moment I felt like someone jabbed a knife through my heart. All I could...
  • Victory

    This message was sent to me so I'll share it with you all. Suffer no violence but take victory by force. For me that means that I should stopped praying for what I want to happen and start thanking God for doing it. By faith I claim my victory. Besides...
  • Trust

    So I just opened the mail for today. After reading one particular piece, it's contents let me know that I HAVE to put ALL of my faith, trust and hope in God. That I must abandon my own will then submit completely to him and he will provide for me...
  • Do not snoop

    Brothers and sisters, do not be a snooper. The less you know the better. Hubby still uses our joint checking account so I see everything he swipes his dc for. It makes me wanna punch him Iin the face. God help me. Lol I see that he spends unnecessarily...
  • Prayer, Touch of the heart

    Requesting you all to pray with me that God touches my husbands heart for him and the kids come to the birthday dinner for my uncle, my cousin and I tomorrow. He showed much love on my birthday but I would love for him and our children to be at the dinner...
  • Round ?

    How many round of dares has each of you done? What has been the outcome? What have you learned most? What do you feel God telling you?
  • Self encouragement

    Today Im having to remind myself that all things work together for my good and that if God brought me to it he will bring me through it. Also to remind myself to keep being patient and be thankful regardless of the situation.
  • What's going on

    Something is up with the site. I have typed out a response to Linda's post twice, first time on mobile and then on my laptop. and both times my screen has jumped back to the login screen. I was able to use the back button and bring my response back...
  • Prayers needed

    Omg, yall please pray for me. Tomorrow is my birthday and my husband is already showering me with gifts. He told the kids that they can use our joint account debit card to go buy me this expensive purse that ive been wanting. Love myself a lilly bloom...
  • One more day

    Well I've come down to the last two days of the love dare journey. I'm not so good at articulating my thoughts so please bare with me. This experiencehas been eye opening and I have learned a lot. Although my husband isn't talking about reconciliation...
  • Fulfilling dreams

    Today's dare, the thoughts comes so easily but being able to do is so beyond my reach. Since he got his cdl license 13 years ago all he has talked about is starting his own trucking company. We've already come up with a name, a design for the...
  • How

    For those that are separated, How did you complete todays dare? I pray for my husband multiple times a day and throughout the night. He's shut me down every time I mention going to church. He asks me to pray for him to have or get more money but never...
  • Encouragement

    For those that are struggling with patience, and finding the strength to go through. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the...
  • Keeping the peace

    I'm choosing not to complete today's dare simply because we've had this very conversation many times. Not even a month ago. It always ends in him blaming me. I am at a point where I wanna keep peace between him and I. I think once God starts...
  • Spiritual Warefare

    Remember that we are not fighting our spouses but the evil forces that have taken hold of them. A will to submit to fasting and consecration to the Lord, constant prayer and unconditional love is what we must possess right now. God will handle the rest...
  • Fulfilling sexual needs

    Todays dare may be a bit difficult but I have prayed about it. It's in Gods hands as there's nothing too hard for him. I'll update later.
  • The power of prayer and patience

    I hesitated to share this but it may help someone. Today was a good day. I have learned to be patient and let things play out as God see fit but I also make my prayer requests in hope and faith that God will answer them. I have been praying that he starts...
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