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  • As if

    I guess the Godwink was too much for that old devil. He just couldn't let me be happy for a day. Well sorry for him, not really, the little mess he sent didn't affect my day. I still have joy, praise and thanks to my heavenly father. The other...
  • He helped

    Good day standers. God is so good. He lets little things happen just to show me that he's listening and working on my behalf. Today I purchased two push mowers so our son and I can double team our yard. I just wasn't satisfied with the quality...
  • IG Encouragement

    Hello! Just wanted to share a message I ran across on social media. "Don't dig up in doubt what you've planted in faith". You've planted and are continuing daily to plant good seeds now be still and wait on the bountiful harvest...
  • Fasting

    I went to bed last night with fasting on my mind so I have decided to fast today. Eight hours to be exact. Please pray for me to make it through as it has been a good while since I have even attempted to fast. I will be sure to pray for you all as well...
  • Hit again

    Took another hit today. Had planned on going to Tn on vacation this week . Well I guess God had other plans because my car broke down. Had to pay $161 to have it towed back home. Don't know when i'll have the money to get it fixed. Texted DH to...
  • Fed up

    Disappointed and hurt............ Those are my feelings right now so please pray for me.
  • Contemplated

    Great evening to you all. I pray that you are in good spirits. Since Tuesday I have been contemplating if I'm going to buy my husband a father's day gift. My flesh is saying not to because he hasn't honored me as the mother of his children...
  • Go on with God

    Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the LORD with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the LORD will be with you.2 Chronicles:20:17 Don't...
  • Be mindful

    Great late evening! Wanted to remind you of the things that you go along with. Many time we say or do things without thinking first. I could be wrong but hear me out... DH just picked the children up for the weekend. As he was leaving he said see yall...
  • Speak life

    Speak life! Speak life! Speak life! There is power in the tongue. From this day forward speak only positive things over your life and marriage. For the past few days I've been declaring that things are changing. I've also been thanking God for...
  • Wake up call

    What will it take for DH to wake up. Will it be an accident to him or something happening to me or one of our children? Yesterday was bittersweet. I really didn't enjoy Mother's Day as I have in the past. It's as if a piece of my heart was...
  • Mother's Day

    Great morning. Wishing the ladies a Happy Mother's Day and to the fellows be sure to do something special to honor the mother of your children. It's bee said to me that fathers don't have to honor their kids mom....... Tut, I don't know...
  • Hurt to the core

    I just experienced one of the worse things a mother can. No mother should have to but..... I won't go into detail but I'm asking for your prayers that I can get through this. My heart literally hurt. I for a moment doubted my purpose here on earth...
  • Invitation

    Great morning. Just wanted to extend an invitation, to those of you that are in or near Florence SC, to our quarterly fellowship on May 26th and the 27th. Come on out to hear the word of God and have a high time praising and worshiping the Lord. It is...
  • Warfare

    We know what we're up against isn't flesh and blood but spiritual so our weapons can't be carnal but spiritual. Here's a site with some short prayers that will help you with that. I try to recite the daily, with authority. https://www...
  • Struggling

    Hello everyone. I'm really struggling right now as I feel like the weight of the world is resting on my shoulders It seems like everything that can go wrong is going wrong in the house. I've gotten to the point where I contemplate selling. My...
  • Listen

    Great evening. For those that are unclear on divorce and remarriage check out the linked video. You can also find it on YouTube on MinisterKMurray channel. May God do something extraordinary for each of you.
  • Serving

    Everything that I do, I do it to the glory of God. I have once again been called to do laundry. And, once again he's not home. Oh the tease. Lol. Why can't he be here? He asked how much I will charge him and my answer was nothing but if I see...
  • Humble servant

    Yesterday evening I noticed a missed call from DH so I called him back, he had called while I was at work. He asked me could I go over and do his laundry as he'd be late getting off from work. Initially I felt some type of way because we've been...
  • Hello, still standing

    Great evening! It's been a minute since I last posted so just wanted to check in. DH and I are in a silent phase. No phone convos, no text, no visit to his place , no adult activities. Only talk if it concerns our children. He has been cold towards...
  • Covenant

    What is a covenant marriage?
  • Ugh

    I miss him so much. I miss our life together. It wasn't perfect but there were moments that made the not so good times fade into the background as a distant memory. I'm trying my best to delight myself in the Lord and seek comfort from him. I'm...
  • What's up!

    Great evening! I hope you are having a great Friday so far. Nothing to share about DH and I. He minds his mess and I mind my business. Lol We do talk most days though, but that's about it. I pray for you all. Am I the only one anticipating a journal...
  • Not LD related

    Great afternoon. Just wanted to share with you all that I am a travel agent with My website is (no www) Feel free to register and book anytime you are planning a trip (cruise, hotel, rental car, flight...
  • Happy Sabbath Day

    Hello all. I pray each of you are in good spirits. Nothing good to report between DH and I. Things have actually gotten worse....... but God. Just wanted to extend an invitation to church tomorrow. If any of you are in or close by Florence SC, stop by...
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