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Glory to God

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Hello all. I hope you all are having a beautiful day so far. I know mine has been blessed. 


Just wanted to share a bit of good news. Car troubles are finally over.  DH took me to get a car today but I was able to get it all by myself. He didn't have to co-sign for it or help with my down payment. Praise God, praise God. 


  • Cars.  Ugh.  hers went out yesterday as I was in the middle of a big project.  Ended up having it towed.  Glad your car troubles are over.  That's fantastic you could take care of it all on your own, That's a great feeling.

    You don't need to respond to this part concerning financing, it is a bit nosy possibly, though not intended to be so.

    but why not let him help with a down payment or add to the down payment if he was open to it?  After all, you are married and of one flesh. So, consider the car both of yours even if you are the primary driver of it.  And if it's both of yours, he can help with the finances too.

    I realize he may not be at that point.   And I am envisioning two scenarios.  ONe with him with you while buying the car.  And one with him not with you while buying the car.  

    But, congrats.  Hope you enjoy the car and it stays reliable for many years to come.  Ha ha.  if I could read, you did say he was with you.  never mind the two scenarios.

  • The great news is the title you chose for your journal entry. And that you put God above the excitement of a new car, able to tackle a big financial task all on your own, and that you are thankful for His mighty blessings.  

    Your journal put me in a better mood.  Realizing I am blessed with a few things that have happened recently.  Thanks.

  • He didn't wanna sign for me, nor does he wanna help me pay for my car but the Lord fixed things where I really don't need his help paying for it. They gave me two keys and a valet key. I offered him one of them but he refused.

  • He didn't offer to help with the dp. Was like oh lord here we go with this again. I simply told him that I didn't ask you for a thing did I.

    Im learning to let God be God.

  • I understand.

  • And when he realizes you don't need him financially as much as he may think, God can use this as well.

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