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Better than expected

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Soooo, today is DH's birthday. I bought him cake and ice-cream. Also had birthday shirts made for all of us. He was so happy. Just kept saying how much he liked the shirts and appreciates what we did. I'm in tears typing this because I had gotten so nervous yesterday about today, all for nothing. I feared he wouldn't show up or go off because of what I had done. Instead he joked about how nice it would be to find Atlanta Falcons tickets hidden in the cake. Praise to my savior for making today special for him. 

  • Praise God Tessy! I am blessed to hear this for you. Now remember that he may put up his wall again to show you that he still thinks he is in control, but don't worry, remember God is in control.

    Praying for you sister.

  • Fear gets to us so easily.  and we so often after the fact realize it was such a waste of energy living in fearful thoughts.  and it took us out of Christ's  joy.

    When you said you had tshirts made, I went to fearful thought.  And it wasn't even me involved in the birthday celebration.  My first thought was, oh no, is he going to get mad at tessy for  spending money on shirts for his birthday.  

    Thank God he really enjoyed the day and all you did for him.  Thank God for it all.Glad you had reason for tears of joy.  And thank God you took time to  praise God for it all.  

    We have to remember, loves believes the best.

    Isn't it crazy how our spouses see the goodness in us.  See the changes, yet run from what they really desire.  Their Savior and their spouse who is only showing love.  Love wins, but we do not know the end result of how love wins.  Well, ultimately we do don't we?  When we receive heaven from Christ.

  • That is awesome! I am so glad that things went so well!

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