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Hello! Just wanted to share a message I ran across on social media. "Don't dig up in doubt what you've planted in faith".

You've planted and are continuing daily to plant good seeds now be still and wait on the bountiful harvest. By faith we stand and do as we are called or asked. By faith without fear and doubt we will receive the promise.


Today I thank my Lord, in advance, for Restoration, Completion and New Life. I thank him for the new thing being birthed in my life. Through the pain and travail of labor, I receive my promise!

  • I needed this today, thank you!

  • Thank you Tessy, I will with out fear and doubt, thank you.  praayers.

  • How the flesh wants to doubt.  It seems even easier to doubt when things get a tiny bit better.

    how much better life would be if faith and hope were always as strong as they should be.

  • It took me a long time to get there but I understand now. This is so true.

    I may have made a mistake last year in marriage therapy when I told my wife she will come back at some point because she will see things aren't as she perceives. I think by saying that it made her reject me even more. It sounded kind of cocky. I even tell people today things will be okay someday. They think I'm crazy but I have faith that God will put this all together someday. I don't doubt that.

  • Eddie, if that is what you believe and have confidence of what God will do for you then speak it. Scripture says to speak those things as though they were. This is where faith comes into play. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    I told my husband he's coming home long before the Lord told me he was gonna bring him back home. He said he wasn't at first but then changed and said I don't see that happening yet. Just like you when someone asks I tell them we'll be okay. We straight. Lol Every day I thank my God for what he is gonna do for our family. He's Givin the promise so I believe and receive it. Just waiting on the manifestation.

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