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Speak life! Speak life! Speak life! There is power in the tongue.

From this day forward speak only positive things over your life and marriage. For the past few days I've been declaring that things are changing. I've also been thanking God for what's to come though it has yet to be manifested, for a few weeks now. Faith....... 

  • You're hitting on something I have been struggling with for some time.  And that is spending more time praising Him and thanking Him.  I tend to focus on asking vs praise and thanksgiving.  yes, what's to come as well as what's been done.

  • Amen! and amen! you guys are right Psalms is full of David thanking and praising God right after saying why don't you listen to me. Romans 1, they failed to give God thanks. praise him for the work you see behind you and for the work yet to come.

  • I've been saying this to myself for weeks. It's so hard to do. Be thankful in everything. Including marriage. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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