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Wake up call

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What will it take for DH to wake up. Will it be an accident to him or something happening to me or one of our children? Yesterday was bittersweet. I really didn't enjoy Mother's Day as I have in the past. It's as if a piece of my heart was missing and just this morning more fiery darts were sent out. But, I refuse to let the enemy reign supreme over my family. Pray for me that I may grab ahold of all of the strength of God and press into grace a little bit harder. Pray for my family.

May God do something extraordinary for each you today. *miraclesandblessings*

  • I'm not saying you are doing this, but make sure not to waste time in wonderment, wondering if an accident, an illness, or something major needs to happen for him to come around.  just leave it at it will take God to turn things around.  

    Not sure if you mean fiery darts were directed at you, if  so, take the hurt to the foot of the cross, and let Him  share the hurt with you, and He will lighten your  load.

    continued prayers for you and this community.  

    The holidays sure seem to  be bring out  the worse sometimes in our spouses.  And  can make things tougher on us.  but His grace is sufficient.  

  • I don't want anything to come upon him. I just want him to wake up. After what we went through over the weekend you'd think it was a wake up call but........ The fiery darts are meant to further tear down our family and he is playing right into the enemies hands. He so blind to the fact that it's the work of Satan that has a hold over this family. I really need God to move like right now.

  • The accident thing has crossed my mind a few times. What if I were in a coma? Would she come to my side? Would she see what she is throwing away? What if one of our children in severely injured? Would I be able to resist blaming her for creating this situation? I have to think this is the devil playing with my thoughts. These thoughts should be erased form our minds completely.

    Its hard to enjoy anything when that piece of your heart is missing. That other person has it and your heart will never be whole again as long as they do. It feels like your very essence is in their hands. God can fill that spot but the flesh is so powerful. It takes tremendous willpower to resist the flesh, the enemy, and do the right thing when it causes so much pain.

    Definitely praying for you and your family. God has done so much more than save our little families. He can do this.

  • We all see so clearly that our spouses are playing right into the enemies hands and I think that is what makes this so hard. They are blind to it and actually think their ways are better than the ways of God. It absolutely perplexes my mind.

  • My ex literally fell flat on her face and had to go to the Emergency Room.  This wake up call never woke her up.  I wish it had.  But I wish it had never happened to her more.

    I don't want to see harm come to her.  I still love her.  Always will.

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