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Yesterday evening I noticed a missed call from DH so I called him back, he had called while I was at work. He asked me could I go over and do his laundry as he'd be late getting off from work. Initially I felt some type of way because we've been in a silent phase and here he is calling just to ask for a favor. I confessed my feelings about this to God then went to his apartment. I even took things a step further and cooked him something to eat. Left one plate on the stove and the other in the fridge. I stayed until the last load was dried and folded. I put away the towels but left his clothes sitting on the upstairs banister as I didn't wanna go into his bedroom. Didn't want to have to look at that picture of him and the OW. Sounds crazy, I know but it still hurts to look at it. The way it's displayed on his dresser so proudly. I wanna shatter it to pieces when I'm over there. 

I made sure to thank God for the opportunity to serve him. 

It felt good to serve him again. I've missed him and all of the duties that comes with being married.

While I was there I said a simple yet honest from the heart prayer for him and our family.


Be blessed, my prayers are with you all and may God do something extraordinary for you today. 

  • Wow, I wasn't expecting anything like him asking for a favor. It is so odd what our spouses think and how they act and what they expect sometimes.  

    But thank God for  the contact and the  door opened for  you to serve him.

  • I understand not wanting to see that picture.  And I am not saying  you should have hung up his clothes in the bedroom.  But, what  if you were led to put the  clothes away because your husband put the picture away?   I see myself so much in your thought of not wanting to see that  picture and avoiding it.

    I  sleep in the basement every night she is out.  I do  not want to see her or know how late she came home.  This is probably a  weakness I have  not  let God cover.  And maybe if she had to face me every night she comes home at 3 am, it would be another way for God to pile conviction upon her.  

  • Enjoy that he contacted you, chose to ask you to  do something for him, that you chose to show kindness, and patience.  And  let God know you enjoy Him so much more.

    I hope this thought helps.  it  just hit.  He may have a picture of her, but, who did he turn to for help?  Not her, but you.  and  the only reason I can see he's willing to ask you for help is because He sees Christ in you. Even if he doesn't understand that  it is Christ in you.

    Be in HIs continued peace.

  • Your strength is admirable. Wanting to smash that picture is understandable. I want to destroy the life of the man my wife was/is talking to but where would the love be in that? What would it accomplish? Evil is the only outcome in doing that. "Do not repay evil for evil." ~ 1 Peter 3:9

    Our spouses are clearly out of their minds. This we can see. I haven't spoken to my wife in 3 months but last night she had my daughter call me because she locked her car in the garage. She needed me to come open the garage because my car has a built in programmable garage door opener. I thought why on earth would she think I want to help her after she lied about me punching her in the face to get me kicked out of the house? What did I do? I went and opened the garage door because that's exactly what Jesus would have done. The flesh battled hard to stop me but God's light shined. "If your enemy is hungry feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." ~ Romans 12:20 Right now because the devil is controlling my wife she is essentially my enemy and as this passage says I will serve her if she asks.

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