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Hello, still standing

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Great evening! It's been a minute since I last posted so just wanted to check in. DH and I are in a silent phase. No phone convos, no text, no visit to his place, no adult activities. Only talk if it concerns our children. He has been cold towards me lately but I'm still standing, still choosing to love him. Even from a distance. I know what my God promised me so I'm not worried about what's happening now. I'm just looking ahead to the promise.


I pray for you all. I pray that you find peace and comfort from God almighty through this trying time. I have and it feels good. Don't get me wrong, I do have my days but boy is the peace more prevalent. I challenge you all to press so hard into the grace of God for it is sufficient. You will be amazed.


I had my first communion last week. Amazing! The feeling that came over me was....I can't put it into words.


Just wanted to check in. May God do something out of the ordinary for you all today. 



  • Your words are encouraging.  Just remember - God works in the silence!

  • Sooooo. After I posted...... I had to call him about our phone bill. First time I've called him in a when as I usually text. He ended up coming by to drop off some sandwich items that he didn't want to go bad at his place. I was out walking when he got there so he came to where I was. We ended up at his place. Nothing happened. Lol Just spent a little time together. Thank God for a little time.

    Oh and before he brought me back home he told me he enjoyed our time together.

    Be patient. God knows what he's doing. Trust the plan.

  • When you pop up now and then and journal, even if not really much to report or no real changes. That in itself is a great testimony because it shows us all that you continue to stand with no evidence God is working. And with no evidence, there is faith and hope that you show us is what we need.  

    Terrific about your first Communion.  I  can remember mine way back in second grade and how special a day that  was and never wanting that  feeling to dissipate.

  • Just him offering you the food and then taking you back to his house is two big things to be so thankful for.  Thank God for  that.

    And then for him to say he enjoyed your time together.  It's like God put icing on the cake right there. Those few words covered all the silence you have been enduring.  This shows in your being still, God was working.  And of course still is. I bet if you would have been sending a bunch of texts or calling him a lot instead of being still in the silence he would never have offered the food or shared words of enjoying your company.

  • I am in the same boat as you. No communication. The things used in court against me prevent me from allowing myself to communicate. EVERYTHING is used against me. Quoting the Bible is harassment?!?! I do also choose to love my wife regardless of what she does. She'll see that someday. My sister even told me a couple months ago that my wife said "How can he still love me after what I've done to him?" so I know she understands at least a little.

    I'm glad you are standing firm the way you are. Your testimony is encouraging. I have terrible days too but overall the peace IS prevalent. The difference between being separated from your spouse but connected with God and being connected with your spouse but separated from God is indescribable. The peace inside yourself with God is beyond words.

  • Good to see your post and testimony

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