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Prayers needed

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Omg, yall please pray for me. 

Tomorrow is my birthday and my husband is already showering me with gifts. He told the kids that they can use our joint account debit card to go buy me this expensive purse that ive been wanting. Love myself a lilly bloom. He has me a gift already but I cant get to him before he leaves for Tennessee to get it and he said I can take myself out to eat tomorrow. He told me that im worth the pricetag on the purse and that if he was around he'd go to the store himself. Something he's never done. He would always tell me to just go get what I want.

On one hand i feel so appreciated and even a tad bit loved, never really felt this wasy before, but on the other hand, my mind immediately went to "oh Lord, the bomb is about to drop. Pray for me that I put away these negative thoughts. I had to refer back to day 7 about this.



  • So I did get the gift today before he left. It wasn't really for me, glass for the fridge, but it's the thought that counts. I really do appreciate that.

  • Yes, love believes the best.  Evil wants you confused, worrying, fearful, etc.  80 percent of what we worry about it nothing, 15 % we make it to be much worse than what it really is, and 5% is what we are called to forgive and to continue loving unconditonally.  

    But if this kindness from him continues, it can be a dangerous time.  Because it will be easy to say, ok Lord, thanks for getting us here, I can take over now.  And it can also be a time when you want to pull his car up to your car.  But you can not do that.  

    This is a good time to continue the dares and to Be still and know He is God.  

    And if he comes back and is cold again, do not worry.  He may very well still be on the roller coaster ride.  So, right now it is essential to be constant in what you are learning in the dares, being patient and kind, biting your tongue along the way.

  • And prayes for you and all of us.  

  • So on the drive home from bible study I realized that feeling was the spirit of fear trying to take over me. I immediately started rebuking it,  pleading the blood of jesus against it and quoting scripture.

    God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind.

    Im good. I thank God that he is recognizing my birthday and was thoughtful enough to buy me a gift. Baby steps.....

  • Happy birthday!!!!

  • Happy Birthday!

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