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Today's dare, the thoughts comes so easily but being able to do is so beyond my reach. 

Since he got his cdl license 13 years ago all he has talked about is starting his own trucking company. We've already come up with a name, a design for the work shirts and everything. He had got a good paying job that allowed us to get caught I up on our bills and start saving but he sabotaged it by quitting that job and going back to the other job that paid half of what he was making. There went his dream of business ownership, right. Well fast forward a few years later, last year a few months after we decided that we'd separat for one year then come back together,  and he's presented with the opportunity to take over the small business that he works for now. It was at his fingertips, but again he sabotaged things again. I am a firm believer that if you do right the Lord will bless you abundantly. This was around the time that he had started seeing the other woman. Since then things just havent gone right and he acknowledges that his sin is why but feels like oh well I just have to take it. I don't understand why or how someone would sacrifice their dreams for a moment of pleasure that they know Is gonna hinder them. 

I want so badly to make this happen for him but who am I to step ahead of God when he's brought my husband so close to having what he wants then in the blink of an eye its not there anymore? I have prayed about. That's all I can do at this point.

Tim, dares like this Is why I say I leave things in God's hands. 

  • It sounds like your husband self sabotages. I do it too when I get into old patterns of thinking and don't believe I deserve the desires of my heart. It also sounds like he is using outside validation to make himself feel better. Keep praying for him! And keep believing that God will do miraculous things in your life!

  • This dare, if I remember right, says make plans to accomplish his dreams.  And when it is feasible, to do it.  

    In this case, you could keep in mind the steps that need to be taken to start the business.  And then when it is feasible (when he settles down, stops making what appear to be foolish mistakes, and finances allow) to start incorporating those steps.  

    the dare doesn't say you have to do the dream right now.  

    I still stand by what I have said, do dare a day, no more, no less.  And do nothing to

  • manipulate the dare or skip a dare.  God handed you the dares for a reason.  Not just some of them.  

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