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I'm choosing not to complete today's dare simply because we've had this very conversation many times. Not even a month ago. It always ends in him blaming me. I am at a point where I wanna keep peace between him and I. I think once God starts really dealing with him all things will be revealed and then we can have some real conversation and not just the blaming. He's in a place now where all he can see is my wrongs and faults, nothing he's done. Like he's been perfect the past 15 years. I have confessed my flaws, wrongs, and faults. I have apologized more times than I can count and not once had he apologized to me. So I'm waiting on God to lead him into this type of conversation.

  • I completely understand where you're coming from.  I felt the exact same way.  But, this is you taking control.  You're manipulating the dares and picking which ones to do.  Most everyone if not everyone says they felt lead to the dares by God.  If you feel this way, then do the dares the way they are lined up.  You have no idea how God can use this dare, even if you've done it 10 days in a row previously.  

    Trust God, do a dare a day, as they are intended to be done, with no manipulation.  And I am confident this will leave the door more fully open for Christ to work in him and also build in endurance in you for this journey.  

  • You are also having expectations.  Right now, have no expectations from him.  You are wanting him to apologize.  Now is not the time to expect that to happen.  Remember, these dares really are a journey between you and Christ, not you and him.  You are being molded in the dares.  

    Your flesh does not want to be humbled again doing this dare affter feeling like you just did it.  And your flesh is desiring some good responses from your husband.

  • Tim, you're a wise man. Thanks

    I did the dare.

  • His response is why I didn't want to. Ugh

  • I promise i am not wise.  anything that i say that makes sense, i am just plagerizing from someone on this site in the past.  everything I say that leaves you scratching your head is all my goof ups.

    Way to go, in doing the dare.  I know it gets tough.  and the responses aren't easy to swallow, but i promise, the more you do the dares as intended, the more potential in your growth there is.  No one ever did the dares as intended and said they wish they didn't.  

    Sometimes, often really, when one of us gets a nasty response, the next day or so, our spouse calms down unexpectedly.  If that happens, thank God for that gift.  

  • He said I don't have to consult with him about anything anymore, that he's never coming back home, to let him live his life, and to let him be happy. I never said anything about him even coming home though. He flew off the handle basically for no reason.

    But we do have children so there will be times that I'll need to consult with him.

  • Do not be dismayed at his words and how he flew off the handle.  He thinks he has to say these things and to be harsh.  It's just a way for him to justify his actions.  the crazy thing is, often our spouses will not recall saying these words.  They can remember all the wrong we did or supposedly did, but often downplay or forget what they say or do.

    Be at peace.  What he says now is not set in stone.  

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