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Todays dare may be a bit difficult but I have prayed about it. It's in Gods hands as there's nothing too hard for him. 

I'll update later.

  • Will Wait for the update.

  • So hubby called to check on the kids. He told me that he's still at work and won't make it back in for the night.

    I prayed with everything in me this morning and I just knew that the Lord would come through. I feel sad but i'll be okay. It was not God's will for us to be together tonight. I guess I'm off to bed now.

    Be encouraged and remember that prayer and patience is the key.

  • When our will doesn't match God's will, such as completing this dare, consider the dare complete when you tried your best.  Even when a dare is not fulfilled but you tried your best, lessons are learned and a step toward Christ takes place.

  • I have found that if a dare is not completed the day of, it actually gets completed at a later date. God works in mysterious ways.

  • Yes God often does that.  But I'd suggest concentrating on the dare of the day.  A dare can be considered completed when a person makes a true attempt as much as circumstances allow.  The dare can come up again in the next round of dares and you get another opportunity to do the dare again.

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