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The power of prayer and patience

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I hesitated to share this but it may help someone. Today was a good day. 

I have learned to be patient and let things play out as God see fit but I also make my prayer requests in hope and faith that God will answer them. I have been praying that he starts back coming around and that we get to spend time together as a family and also that I get to perform wifely dutues as I should. I won't go into detail but I got just what I have been praying for this morning. It was only a few hours but those few hours I will cherish. It felt so good. I cried after they left. (He came by to get the kids for the weekend.) Praises to the most high God......... I am gonna wait patiently until the next time. I call these days Gods "show out " days. Lol

As for todays dare, day 30, I feel like I dropped the ball. I had already prayed but was hesitant to start a dialog on us coming back together in unity. He said something about happiness but I didnt know at that moment how to respond. After he left I texted him about what he said but he gave me his typical response. I didnt push it. It'll happen on Gods time. 

Be patient!

Pray constantly!

  • Thank you for sharing! I too long for the days that we get to spend time with one another. Any time at all I cherish. Thanks for the reminder to be patient! I needed these words today....

  • IN one of your replies you mentioned reading ahead in the book.  don't worry about that, but try  to focus on just the dare for the day.  Not any future dares.

    I completely understand not knowing how to respond in the moment.  But instead of texting him later, next time try calling him if it is to complete a dare.  

    Yes, stay patient and pray.  

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