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Why would she do that?

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One of the things my ex said when she left was that she was tired of having to take care of everything.

Her brother in law lived with us, this was difficult.

She moved out and was with J for a while.  She drove a lot back and forth to his parents house.  He was basically homeless.

Doing all that would have been very frustrating for someone that felt they needed to get away from responsibility.

Now she's with a guy that doesn't have a driver's license and has lived in homeless shelters for a few years.

That would be a huge responsibility too.

So why would she says those words and then pile a bunch of extra responsibility on herself.

Just thoughts that have been going through my head.

I hope all the mothers had a Good Mother's day.


Should I let everything go, or still stand for my marriage even after divorce.



  • Nice read here

  • I would stand and honor your marriage and wait on God. I'm not sure of the statistics but something like 80% of divorcees remarry after divorce.  

  • I read 50 % but have heard 80%.  And most second marriages end in d.  

    Just because man sees a d, doesn't mean God sees you as d.

    What our spouses do makes no sense.  Like what yours did with adding responsiblilty.  Along with responsiblity, she's added Christ's conviction upon her. She still has to be feeling it. ONe day if not already, she wlll know what a fool she's been and what a big mistake she's made.

    And if or when that happens, be there for your wife.  

  • She has to blame you for everything. There will be excuse after excuse in order to do that. Many people get remarried to each other down the road so it happens. It just takes time to get over the bitterness and resentment before they can consider the relationship again. God is working on them the whole time though and it is a huge benefit if they see you living a righteous life. Trust me, I know its hard. I'm very convinced that my wife has a mental illness and I struggle with that. I need to get away from her but that still doesn't break the covenant I have with her. I need to give her however much time she needs to get herself together and back with God. Its sad but necessary. Stand for your marriage.

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