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Still Dreaming Dreams

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I haven't posted a journal entry in quite some time.
Not since the divorce.

I guess reading things on here hurts me in many ways.
Brings up all the pain and hurt I felt.

I mostly live my life.

I have been having dreams about her lately.
Not sure why.
Waking up and the real world where we are not together anymore.

I'm still suffering financially, thinking about filing bankruptcy.
Consulted an attorney about it.

Work has been very difficult and almost lost my job.

Determined to change my life.  Physical health, mental health and focus on work.

Need to turn my life around.

I wish everyone here the best of luck.

Keep standing for your convenant marriage.

  • Along with prayer, the last many months i have lost weight, the first time it's been pretty easy.  And I feel better.   Finding a way to enjoy work and be productive makes life better as well. I try to remember to enjoy my life God has gifted to me even when working.  

    Don't worry about doing a 180 all at once.

    Good to see you post again.

    Have you found or looked for an additional way to come closer to Christ?

  • Sometimes sacrificing helps to feel better.  And the simplest or easiest way to sacrifice is giving.  Giving time.  Volunteering to help people in need.  

  • I share the same hurts going through posts of people hurting and my pain.  Good to see your post and I always include you in my prayers for this community.

  • I cry reading these posts frequently. I hate it that you have to go through this. I will eventually. I know the pain of everything I've experienced in this last year of separation has been nearly unmanageable. I'm one month away from the next court date and I don't see anything being finalized then because after 20 years with six children and as many assets as we have it makes it complicated. My wife is doing everything in her power to make my life difficult and, like you, I too am struggling financially. I think about my wife 24/7 and that's not an exaggeration. Everything is difficult- work, kids, radio, television, etc. Everything reminds me of our life together. The only thing that keeps me going is my firm belief that God will make everything better someday. I read my Bible or listen to a preacher online every time I feel down. I post a lot on Facebook about biblical things. I don't post my personal life on there but I'm noticing from the responses I get that the world is winning. It needs people like us who stand for marriage, for family, for God's word and His commandments. Keep standing for marriage and hopefully someday God brings your wife back to you.

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