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Still Dreaming - Love is Accountable and Influences

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Day 35 Round 2

1 Peter 4:8
8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

This passage really stood out:

You must guard yourself against the wrong influencers.  Everyone has an opinion and some people will encourage you to act selfishly and leave your mate in order to pursue your own happiness.  Be careful about listening to advice from people who don't have a good marriage themselves.

I've been receiving the message and feeling about influences in both our lives lately.  I've been shown that I have a strong Christian support system, all whom pray for me and my marriage.  From what I know, E does not have any Christian influence other than the mutual ones, that are for the marriage.  It actually hurts me to know this.  I want her led by Christ.

So I've been changing my prayers lately.  I add to remove all influence from her life that is against His will.  I also pray that she will receive strong Christian influence in her life.

I am grateful for what I have, and He reveals so many things to me.  Bible study really brought out a lot of deep thinking about how what we speak and how we are influenced.

As Christians we are usually good about profanity.  But what about Gossip and true cursing?  Both of these are attacks on another person.  So only bless your enemies, remember what you give out comes back on you.

I know that the influences that cause her to choose to end the marriage and leave were not of good marriages and were not of Christian faith.  The main influence was 'the friend'  J going through his own divorce.  He has been in love with my wife since Junior High, and his motives were obvious to make her available to him and he succeeded.  The other huge influence was another ex-boyfriend that told her not to get involved with anyone if she chose to leave, but he was from a broken 1st marriage and had a history of womanizing too, so I don't know if he was giving advice from a good place either.

She was looking for a way out, and heard from them what she wanted to hear, and her therapist as well.  None of this advice came from a Godly place.

My wife has plans for today, don't know if she's with him or something else, but I have to believe the best and hope that if she is with J or another guy that God intervenes and something destroys that relationship.

So I got a sixth sense feeling she was with a new guy today.  So I stupidly checked her Facebook page and there she was with a new guy on her photos.  

Grrr, why did I do that.  I was praying before and asked God if she was with another guy and the answer was yes.  So He confirmed my suspicion.  

I need to stand firm and trust in God.  No matter what happens at the end I got this.

And to think she asked me the other day if my step dad gave me some more money if I could share with her.  Now my heart is that I don't I want to tell her to borrow it from her boyfriend.

I survived the whole J now I have to survive this guy.

It is very hard to keep working at a marriage when we don’t see anything happening. But God is working! The roots of our obedience must often grow deep and sturdy before we can see the plant and long before we can taste sweet fruit. Our sincere attempts to please God are always seen by Him, valued by Him, and rewarded by Him: He honors those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30).

Everything that we offer to Christ has spiritual force; it is used by God to advance His purposes. God uses our obedience like spiritual scaffolding in our marriages. Our willingness to cooperate with God in our marriages becomes the platform upon which God works.

We “dare not despise the day of small things” because God sees every act of obedience, however small, and pours His mighty power into it (Zechariah 4:10, NIV).

You will not regret trusting God. You will not regret obeying Him.

We struggle; we fret; we rack our brains trying to figure things out. But the reason we wrestle with God is that we do not know what He knows. We would do well to remember this: God knows something that we do not know. We can trust Him.

God keeps His promises; He is absolutely trustworthy. He loves us much more and far better than we love ourselves, and He has the power to pull it all off. His mighty arm has the strength to fulfill all that His wise mind plans for us and all that His loving heart desires for us.

Don’t give up! You can make a difference.
Don’t give up! Your marriage is worth fighting for.
Don’t give up! You honor God as you honor your marriage.
Don’t give up! Your God-ordained suffering will enrich you.
Don’t give up! God is working through your obedience.
Don’t give up! You will not regret trusting and obeying God.

  • Yeh my wife hangs out mainly with non christian guys, but also other non christian woman. There are a minority of people who r christians that she does talk to but she doesn't really spend a lot of time with them. Also we do have mutal christian friends but she doesn't spend anytime with them, admittedly theyhave moved bout 2 hours away but still no effort has been made to spend time with them.

  • In the state she is in at the moment, she doesn't want God. God will convict her, God will bring her to her knees. Just keep praying for her. Pray for God to bring His will into her life. That she be receptive to it.

    Praise God for your strength, and continue to seek that strength.

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