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Still Dreaming - Love is Jesus Christ

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Day 20 Round 2

I didn't post about this Dare last time.
I've accepted Christ in my heart as Lord and Savior.
Knowing how he loved us, and how we are to love others.

I hope I walk in Christ daily.

I'll comment after the verse and devotional.

Revelation 7:17
17 For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’ ”


September 6

God's Clear Instructions

Joshua needed guidance as he faced one of the most crucial moments of his life. Because the Lord had promised him success in conquering Jericho, he knew the outcome of the battle, but as the day of combat approached, he needed a specific strategy for victory. What he heard the Lord say must have made his jaw drop.

Can you imagine the soldiers' thoughts as they carried out this bizarre battle strategy? In confusing times like this, it's good to remember three requirements for benefiting from God's instructions. We need:

• Faith to believe the Lord
• Courage to obey Him
• Patience to wait for His timing.

When God gives us clear instruction through His Word or His Spirit within us, our response shows how much we trust Him. If we truly believe Him and His promises, precise and complete obedience will follow. His victory in any area of struggle is available only to those who act upon His directions.

Submitting to the Lord's timing is also an essential part of obedience. What would have happened if the army decided to bypass God's plans for the first six days and skip straight to the seventh day's march around Jericho? They would have missed the victory.

How often do we beg the Lord for guidance, yet hesitate to obey when He finally gives it? Living by faith can seem like a huge risk when His instructions make no sense or require a lengthy wait. But knowing His eternal perspective and unlimited power can strengthen our resolve to obey


Wow...  Again the story of Jericho.

How many times do I need reminded of him working to remove obstacles and that I need to do the following:

Faith to believe the Lord
Courage to obey Him
Patience to wait for His timing

I had a long conversation with God last night while walking the dog.

In Freedom class, learned how to test the voice you hear.

Sometimes the voice you hear is that of the enemy.
He is a liar and full of deciept.  He will try and trick you.
I was told by a voice that my car would be repaired and not totaled.
I took that as God's voice.  I didn't test that voice.
Dupring my conversation last night, I tested the voice, the voice said that was not him about the car.

So I need to be wary of the trickster.  I need to have Faith, Obey, and be Patient.

I also am learning to pray in a thankful way, and not always just asking for what I need.  Praising the Lord for the things he's done in my life.

I prayed thanks for the job I have,  for having given me my wife over 13 years ago.  Keeping me safe during the recent car accident. We've had rough times but has never let us fail financially.

During Celebrate Recovery a couple of weeks ago, the person did a testimony and mentioned how God was with her multiple times in her life where she could have died.

I sat in quicksand when I was a toddler, and could have drowned/suffocated, but God gave my father the ability to use his leg to pull me out.

I was in a car accident when I was an infant.  We were hit by a drunk driver.  Our car rolled mutltiple time.  I was in my mothers arms whom never let me go.  She recalled my head hitting the passenger window repeatedly and it didn't break.  Years later my mom showed me the accident location, they repaired the pole we hit with a brace instead of replacing it.  The brace was 16 feet in the air.  We were hit by a semi.  No serious injuries to anyone in the car.

I was a small child in Texas, everything is bigger in Texas.  Was fishing on a creek with a very steep bank.  Caught a fish, remember everything is bigger in Texas.  It pulled me and my pole off solid ground and down this steep bank.  I could not swim at the time.  I grabbed the tiniest twig/root that shouldn't have held my weight but it did.  Had I fallen in I could have drowned.

I've had a drink spiked with something at a bar, probably GHB and went over a girlfriends house.  Passed out and vomitted a bunch of Pizza.  Had I not eaten the Pizza which absorbed whatever was in the drink I could have died.  Reminder, never trust a friend to watch your drink for you.  Order a new one.

Two friends and I were jumped by 20 or so kids.  Our color and their color of skin did not match.  They threw glass bottles and other things at us.  Had motocycle helmets and riding leathers on at the time that protected us.  For some reason they backed off before a fight escalated.  Could have been very bad legally with one 18 year old and 2 19 years olds vs kids ranging from 13 to 17. 

Those and so many others where God was looking out for me.  Have to be thankful for everything he has done for me. 

Thank you, Adonai Elohim.
Thank you, Christ Jesus.

  • when we are in heaven adn then see how often we were saved and didn't know it that will be really incredible as well.

  • Always be thankful in prayer and of course praise God for who He is. But we also must seek, knock, and ask.

    Seek what God wants from us and what He does not want from us. We need to also seek His comfort and direction. But most importantly how we can glorify Him through our trial....

    Your growth has been great. And I am sure it will continue to do so, but when we seek out to know Christ through the word, we grow in ways we never thought we could.

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