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Taking the Time--Day 21

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So this dare was to be intentional with Scripture and prayer.  I have to admit that this is a weak area.  I find that I'm pretty good about Scripture and prayer when things aren't going well or when I need some extra strength or guidance, but when things are going well, I neglect it.  Over the past few weeks I've been trying to be very intentional about my Scripture reading and my prayer.  The crisis going on in our family right now is taking all the strength we have plus the prayers of all of our family, friends, and extended family/friends.  

When I take this time, I find some peace in my day.  I notice that it is helping me manage my stress and focus my faith.  The crisis of faith I was experiencing when depression really hit me has lifted as I've just tried to keep powering through, and now I find that I don't have to power through as often.  I can feel that God is hearing me again and is working to answer my prayers in the way that I need...even if it's not in the way that I want.

Today (May 31st), we had an answer to prayer of sorts.  And while it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, I know it is one hurdle crossed.  I am still trusting that God has a plan that is better than mine.  I know that he does, but letting go of the need to know exactly what it looks like or how it will all work out is hard for me.  So today's prayer time was focused on thanksgiving for the victory we have and help for the rest of the hurdles that still seem to be popping up in front of us.  

Through it all my prayer that my husband will find his way and have his stress relieved has been met.  He is definitely back to his old self.  It's a weight off my shoulders, and it makes all the difference to be able to face family crisis together again.  I feel stronger as a team and like my focus is no longer divided.  

  • It is our flesh that always wants to see or know the outcome, but then if we did always see, then we would not need faith.  It is easy to neglect doing what saves us when we hit trials, prayer and reading.  If you don't, try finding a specific time to pray/read each day, such as after waking up.  Even if you have to wake up earlier.  It's much easier to keep up prayer life doing so, and a good way to start the day in Christ.

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