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See a Need/ Meet a Need--Day 11

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Today's dare is difficult to complete since we're not together.  I know my husband's biggest need right now is to have some form of stress relief.  That's a lot easier to accomplish when he's home and resting versus when he's dealing with traffic, construction, and inattentive drivers out on the road.  So today, I sent him a text, reminding him that I love him, that he's doing a good job, and wishing him a good day.  I also sent up special prayers that he would be able to have an easier day of driving and get some relief.  

I didn't call him as often as I wanted to, and I made sure that when we talked I kept it light.  I occasionally have done Reiki for him (or a variation thereof), so I did some of that this morning when I woke up.  He sounded extremely tired and stressed out this morning, but as the day progressed, I noticed that he seemed more upbeat and relaxed.  


  • My perspective.....I do not think that reiki is compatible with Christianity.  Although some in Christianity areinvolved in reiki.  

  • Tim,

    Technically, it's not Reiki because I haven't done the attunements, etc.  I also had some reservations of how compatible that was with Christianity.  It's more like a faith healing variation.  I find that if I concentrate on specific physical ailments that he's suffering and I focus prayers on those and apply my hands (when he's home) that he often feels a relief of his pain/discomfort.  The difference when he's away is that I can't place my hands on the area I'm praying for.  It's reiki-like in that I'm asking God to send healing to him whereas Reiki doesn't name the universal energy it uses for healing.  At this time, I feel like it's a compatible practice.

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