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6 seconds--Day 9

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So today's dare is to change your greeting.  I can honestly say that I'm happy to hear from my husband.  Most of my greetings are on the phone, and my kids know when my hubby is calling because my face lights up every time.  Doesn't matter what's going on, whether I'm stressed out, or whether the house is a mess, he's the highlight of my day.  And when he comes home it's the same thing, but when we first met, we were a lot more intentional with our routines.

I read an article early on that suggested that you could keep intimacy and closeness in your marriage and keep the spark alive if you just committed to kissing your spouse for 6 seconds when you greeted them.  In the beginning, it used to be a joke about "timing" the 6 seconds.  Of course, once you get 6 seconds going, especially in the early days, it usually lasts much longer, but even when the day was rushed taking that 6 seconds was rejuvenating and calming.

So Day 9, I'm reinstating the 6 second rule at our house.  The next time my husband comes home, I'm going to make sure I take that 6 seconds to let him know how much I missed him and how much he means to me.  I know we both could use it!

  • If he is ever not in the right frame of mind, be it frustration, stress, tired, etc. and he's not up for the 6 seconds, do not get upset or hurt.  Let him win on those days.

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