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The best laid plans--Day 2 continued

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So with great plans I began my day thinking of the ways I could show kindness to my husband, but almost from the beginning all those plans fell apart.  He couldn't find the driver for his hotel airport shuttle, so he was late checking in for his flight.  That resulted in a completely different flight plan through completely different cities and an arrival closer to dinner time.  While I had made a good start on cleaning our bedroom and the rest of the house so he could just relax when he came home, while I was working on the bedroom, the kids made a mess in the rest of the house.  No clean house to come home to.  And the laundry didn't get done either....neither did dinner.  

All those plans for little acts of kindness went right out the window.  Instead, the best I could do was grabbing his luggage from the baggage claim before he got off the plan, a task made monumentally easier by the fact that he was the absolute last person to get off the plane.  

Even with that, my husband surprised me with his own act of kindness.  He saved one of his "snacks" from the flight for me, helped with grocery shopping even after his long day, and made sure I didn't overdo it with shopping since I'm pregnant.  Apparently, he had purchased some other food items on his trip that he intended to surprise me with, but had to eat them himself due to the flight delay.  

The only other thing left to do was just to be attentive to him once we were home and try to find other small things I could do for him.  On Friday, while he was working to help the family by getting our window air conditioners put in, I picked up our second oldest from school and made sure to get to the bank so he would have the cash he needed to buy his brother's car from him.  

So even though it seems like not much, I'm counting this as done.  And I realized in talking to friends and reading other posts for what people do for this act of kindness day, that both of us do kind things for each other so regularly, it really is hard to find something new that seems big enough and kind enough to count.


  • DAre is completed.  But also remember the dares can be over done, trying to do to many things.  (not saysing you did or tried to do to much)

    Weren't you on day two many days ago?  Even if you can not complete a dare, it is best to move on to the next days dare.  A dare a day.    

  • never mind about being on dare two several days ago.  I just saw you had journaled tonight for seveal days.  But it does hold true.  A dare a day, no more, no less.  

    Also, enjoy that he did these nice things.  and then let God you enjoy His peace and comfort all the more.  

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