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Room to Breathe--Day 6

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So I think this day's "dare" was extremely timely for me.  I mean the rift in my marriage is the result of overwhelming depression brought on by my stress levels being way too high right now, and that means I'm doing an extremely poor job with adding space and "margins" to my life.  It always seems to be the way of life that things have to kind of boil over or explode before you think to address them.  How often we ignore the little things until they've built up to the boiling point, and that's certainly how I am with stress.  It sneaks up on me, and before I know it I'm overwhelmed.

So I've spent the last few weeks focusing on space in my life, stress relief, and mindfulness to try to get through this pressure cooker time in my life.  I've added 15 minutes in the morning, where I just lay in bed quietly and breathe while the kids are getting ready for the day.  While they are getting dressed, brushing teeth, making their beds, saying their morning prayers, I take a few minutes to just soak in the sunshine and talk to God.  I've also made space for some scripture reading, which is helping with that calm as well.

It's not always a success.  I still have moments where I feel my blood pressure rising, but overall I think I'm handling things better, and I'm striving to let go of them.  When I can laugh and joke with my husband on the phone, our conversations go better and last longer.  I noticed this week that my more positive and less stressed outlook made him far more relaxed and open with me.  I'm weaning off the medication this week, and I'm keeping these things and adding in more sleep and some quiet when I can add it in to help.  

We've also had some negative people (snakes in the grass, really, that were being a negative influence but we couldn't see it) moved out of our lives.  I feel like God is reorganizing things for us right now, showing us who we can count on and who we can't so that we can come out stronger and overcome all the things being thrown at us right now.  If we can come out of this unscathed, there will be very little that can bring us down in the future.  It has been my prayer from the beginning that this stretching time will bring us closer together and closer to God and make our marriage better and stronger than it was before.  

I know I can not do this alone, but when you add in God, anything is possible.  So in addition to the things He's doing in my marriage, He is also teaching me how to truly cast my cares on Him and leave them there.  He is building my faith.


  • If you can add in a little more time for prayer each day, and continue reading scripture, that may take away the stress and depression a little more.  as He is building your faith, and endurance in Him, you will begin to dwell less and less about everyday life and it's problems.  Because your focus will be more and more upon Him.

    Your husband will see your testimony.  

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