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Day 15 round 3

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sooo we were both pretty tired for magik but he wanted to watch the Olympics so I made dinner and we all watched it as a family. It wasnt the us time I wanted but it was the relax time he needed. He told me his church faculties night is being switched to thursday and he knows thats when I go to orange theory so he said he wouldnt go. I felt bad so I am going to try my hardest to go to the 5am class so he will not miss his. Ugh so not a morning person. If I see 5am its bc I am still awake lol


For today's dare, I think the best way to honor Chris is to show him that I am listening to him. I listened to his debates with my brother this weekend and both of them weren't listening. They were waiting for the other person to finish before saying their part. It made me cringe. I could tell they were annoyed with each other too. Speaking of I will go into a vent about that. 

My mom and step dad are finishing the membership growth track at church... they missed step two (what the church believes in and its missions) bc they were out of town. Anyway there is a line in the text that says they believe a man should marry a woman. This means that they dont believe in gay marriage. So Chris wont join bc he has a few childhood friends that are gay and he says that he is not supporting them for who they choose to love ect. I dont believe in it myself but I would never judge someone for their decisions. Anyway my step-dad had the same thoughts and wanted to talk to the pastor. While he was talking to him I came up to listen (I knew Chris wouldnt and I would relay his thoughts back to him). Well my brother, also chris, came up in the middle of the conversation and started injecting his opinions. Then I was in a meeting with the youth minister (I am joining youth to help out on sundays) and he kept interupting our conversation. It was essentially an interview!! Ugh I dont know how to tell him he is incredibly rude without starting a fight. Mannie was taking me on a tour and explaining how things went on Sunday and he got up and followed us. I was trying to be nice but it really annoyed me. He proceeded to tell us all about how he has love and spirituality and doesnt need church so he wont be coming back. I started talking about small groups and tho he may not feel he needs the companionship of others maybe they would need his... That got shot down too. Maybe not all of that was in the order I wrote it in but man was he getting under everyones skin! My step dad got up at lunch and my brother said, "man is he impossible to talk to!" My mom literally spit her water back into her cup.. It was really funny! Anyway I was able to talk to him a little about it later one on one but not to the extent I wanted to. 

  • I don't think it matters what our opinion on gay marriage is. The Bible clearly states "man and woman." That can't be argued. We can love the person no matter what but we have to hate the sin, which is what it is. If I am sinning I stop. I make a choice to stop. I just don't understand how people think they can pick and choose the parts of the Bible they do and don't want to obey. It's the same with divorce. The Bible gives one reason for divorce. If you divorce for any other reason you are disobeying the Bible. It's simple. God will, of course, forgive you but when you recognize it is sin you must stop it. Anyway enough of my preaching.

    This is a huge difference between you and Chris. He doesn't have to hate or judge his friends but he should recognize that it is against the Bible. You should do the same. Love them but don't support their sin. You have the right to do that. It doesn't make you a bigot or anything like that. It's obeying your Savior.

  • Being gay is not a sin if that's truly the way you are. but acting upon it is.  Just like being heterosexual is not a sin, but until you are married, it is a sin to act upon it.  Thus, as Eddie pointed out, what the bible states about gay marriage, sex before marriage is wrong, for hetero or homosexuals.  

    To say you don't need church, that you are enough....Well, that sure sounds like a person that idolizes himself, thinking he is sufficient and does not need God's  house, the church, or his family to be with and worship with.  that he alone is sufficient.  Does he think he  needs the bible or is he okay without that too?

  • I think there are compelling studies made about homosexuality in the bible. Again, not my thing but I was not put on this earth to judge people.

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