Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 41 Starting over with Day #1

    Today is Day 41, I still have not heard a thing from my wife, not a text message not a call nothing since she said she wanted a divorce and found out she is seeing another man and having sexual relations with him. My world is crushed and my heart is heavy...
  • Lost and don't know what else to do

    monday I was told my wife was seen kissing and hugging another man. We have been seperated for almost 2 years but from this January until a few weeks ago we were doing things together, sleeping over.. everything changed a couple weeks ago. I had been...
  • Don't know what to do anymore

    I'm new on here but I have been doing the Love Dare now for 28 Days. My life and marriage are completely turned up side down and I'm more last than I ever have been. 2 years ago this September I came home from work to find my wife just left me...
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