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Day 41 Starting over with Day #1

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Today is Day 41, I still have not heard a thing from my wife, not a text message not a call nothing since she said she wanted a divorce and found out she is seeing another man and having sexual relations with him. My world is crushed and my heart is heavy. I refuse to just walk away and give up on my marriage just yet. I Believe in my wife and I believe in my heart and soul she is not being herself and other things may be going on with her. I miss her more than I can ever express or write and I hope God intervenes and touches her heart once again and she realizes how much her husband has changed and addressed the things she needed from me. I wish she would give me a chance to see the changes that God has enabled me to do and shown me that I need to make. I'm not giving up just yet. Been about a month and she still hasn't filed so I'm praying that she doesn't. 

  • Somehow, someway, through God, our spouses see or hear about, or sense our changes even when there is no contact.  

    What you're going through with no contact is tough, no doubt.  But the good news is that you're forced to look toward Good more and she is left more fully to God to work in vs you getting in the way like I do.

  • I think you had mentioned you have proof she's been physical.  But, I'm not sure how you would know for certain and sometimes our spouses will plant false evidence or start the rumor.

  • I know for a fact.. without going into particulars, I know and it's crushing me. She would never do anything like this when she was being herself. I just pray God intervenes and helps her see what she is doing to herself and to her marriage.

  • Remember the old her is still in there.  Keep standing for the marriage and allow God to work in her.  You standing may be what brings her back to Christ.

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