Collaborate without boundaries

an inspiring story for me and all of you

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After you read this. Take a moment and go to a private place and pray on it. No matter how bad your situation is, no matter the circumstances in your daily life. Seek out what Christ wants you to do. Even if your spouse does not deserve it, seek out in this the best way to honor your God, the one who loves you unconditionally, and always.

  • The last couple days have been better between us.  In fact she called me this morning.  She went to the DMV and it was I that needed to go.  She would have before blew up at me.  I apologized and she said that's OK.  It was easy to work in this stop with all her other stops she had planned.  I have often thought there should almost be a love dare part two for when things appear to be getting better. (I'm not assuming things are on the mend but praising him for the small changes).  

    So what I got out of this is especially when the tension subsides continue to serve her (after Christ).  Anything other than serving her probably has a selfish factor involved.

  • Hey Sean, great article.  I sent it to my husband.  Thanks for sharing.  Prayers and Blessings to you.

  • I do agree with Tim that their does need to be a reconciliation Love Dare.  There is "Beyond Boundaries" it is suppose to be for couples trying to reconcile.

  • Thanks Sean. I pray that I'm able to do such with DW. At the moment she blows up at me when I ask those things. Praying that I'm selfless enough to really put her best interests and comfort above my own through all this and for any further changes I need to make.

  • Tim, after the dares... There should be no after the dares. This journey should last a lifetime, and as you grow in the dare you grow in Gods word, His church and as you do your testimony becomes stronger.

    The after the dares actually should have a testimony of serving Christ, in helping others in their hard times and their need to know Him.

    Candie, this is for you. I can understand you sending to your husband, but is he ready for anything like this? Can you wake every morning and seek to make his day better?

    Steven, what are you waiting for? Just do it. You seen in the story how the conviction created the wife to lash out, but there was a point when the conviction turned to her understanding of problems in her own heart. This is the same with DW. Her lashing out is complete conviction. And this simple question cannot be defeated. No matter who it is directed to. And if she just lashes out, just simply tell her if there is nothing then just say no. Be nice be loving.

  • Thank you for sharing this article.  I needed this today : )

  • Thank you for sharing this article.  I needed this today : )

  • Good morning everyone.  I wanted to let you know the link above has changed slightly.  I had some problems finding it but here it is:

    Once again...this site has brought me to tears.  What are your thought on incorporating this with the love dare?  I don't want to over do it.  To me, it seems like baby steps at the moment.

  • I just read the article and cried.

    Thank you for sharing it!

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