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day 28

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Not sure how to complete this dare when she wont talk to me. I dont know what she needs coz she doesnt really communicate with me. I did how ever go to the store and buy her breafast drink which she was running out of but dont think that is really completing the dare. Any ideas

  • Is there anything she needs done she can't or doesn't like to do that you could do?

  • Is there anything she needs done she can't or doesn't like to do that you could do?

  • Rob you commented on my post about your wife turning away from God.  Even though my wife was a Godly woman and I think she still talks to him, as she has said in past posts.  I think she isn't listening to him.  When we were on the rocks and she wanted out, I couldn't get her to go to church with me.  She even commented once that she was being punished by God and not being given a promotion at work, because she was going against God and out marriage.  I do believe she has been denied a supervisor position 4 times, and I truly believe that is God.  She is caught up in the Maze / The Devil's Trap / Worldly Desires and leaving the marriage is what Satan wants.  He has her and her refusal to listen to God when she knows she was against him, is definitely the proof she is trapped.

  • Tim, not that I know of,

  • Snaz, yeh she is dafinatelt trapped, just want her free from this maze she's in.

  • Hey robcap, if you have a good relationship with any of her family or friends, ask them if there is something you could do for her that would make her life easier or more comfortable.  Or you could say, is there anything that would relieve stress in her life.

  • Hey robcap, I just read your bad day post.  I remember those days of panic attacks and uncontrollable crying too. And I still have them some days.  I like a lot of Tim's visualization of Christ above you and your wife, sitting next to you and so on.  Some one on this site told me about picturing God's hand as a huge cloud and we are resting inside of it peacefully.

  • Candie, yeh I might do that I suppose I can ask her sister,

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