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Todays dare was about praying for my wife.  This dare is one I do every day ever since we got engaged, I pray for her every day. For me praying for her is something which come very easy to me, I love her and want the best for her. 

This morning we actually had a conversation bout her show which opens on friday night, wasnt a reall long conversation but she spoke to me like a normal person im so thankful to God for that.

  • Yes being thankful to the Lord every day, praise him first and foremost before asking for anything in Prayer.  My wife and I have been cordial except the once in the very beginning when she cut me off and was spending time with J,and said I wasn't giving her the space she needed.

  • Expand your prayers for her. Seek out in prayer how best to pray for her right now. There will be things God lays on your heart for her.

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