Collaborate without boundaries

Day 36-37

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Day 36- Commit to reading the bible every day . I have an app on my phone that sends me a verse with commentary every day . I have been getting this for a few years now. I also try to read my bible every night before bedtime. I try to only read 5-10 pages at a time so I can reflect better on what I’ve read, it works for me.

Day 37 -  Begin praying together – I am starting to pray with her before dinner at the kitchen table . When the grandkids come over they really like to do this too. My son-in-law has a prayer that he prays in Norwegian that he learned from his grandparents and it kind of feels like it ties in a different generation  to be there with us and our heritage if that makes any sense. I think mealtime prayer is important and if this is successful maybe we can move to a bedtime prayer as well.

  • I can usually only read about one chapter myself.  It's great you take time to consider and pray upon what you read.  I think that time is more important than just reading.

    Terrific to  include grandkds in prayer as well.  The meal time prayer should make bedtime prayer easier to transition to.

  • The more you read the better you will feel. God will talk to you in ways that will blow your mind. I know He does for me. I often read something that 100% applies to exactly how I'm feeling. It's amazing how God works.

    I asked my wife to pray with me as I was doing the Love Dare and she said she would but when it came time to do it she would make an excuse even if she was just in the other room. I think I kind of acted like the supreme authority on prayer and she just didn't want anything to do with that. Maybe tell your wife you are trying to learn how to pray and ask for help. Try to give her some control.

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