Collaborate without boundaries

Day 33-34-35

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Day 33 – I always ask my wife about advice for big decisions as this dare suggest. The most recent one and still ongoing is the salary increase I am still negotiating at work after my boss left the company and I was moved up into his position. It is still dragging out since January of this year after turning down their first offer. I seek her council in a lot of matters as she has great advice.

Day 34- Love celebrates Godliness , This weekend we had the grandkids on Friday and Saturday . My wife is so good with them that I can’t help but compliment her on the love she shows to them and they to her. They are 1-3-and 5 years old so we have our hands full ,but we are always so happy when they stay over.

Day 35- I have been seeing our pastor every other week for 2 hour appointments since December. She is an awesome mentor ! She always has great advice and has also brought me closer to God after being away from the church for quite awhile. I have also re-united with a childhood best friend who mentors me as he has already been thru his season awhile ago and has come out the other side with a much stronger marriage. He gives great advice also since he’s been there and done that and says it was God that got them thru it and I am grateful to God that he brought him back into my life! I believe I couldn’t have better mentors around me then that . I also have the great advice of Eddie and Tim and I don’t believe I can do any better than that !!

  • Day 33- excellent. Every decision should be made jointly. I am terribly guilty of leaving my wife out of decisions. I regret every single decision I ever made without her input.

    Day 34- Compliment, compliment, compliment. You can never do it enough.

    Day 35- Those mentors are so important. Someone needs to keep you accountable. I know how easy it is to slip up. Mistakes are easy to make but sharing your thoughts with trusted people and getting their feedback is necessary.

    I pray for you so much and I'm crying right now as I type this because I want your marriage to work out. I don't want anyone to experience the pain that I feel. It's so much to bear even when I try to give it all to God. God bless you Rick for standing for your marriage in spite of what has happened to you.

  • That's great you have these people in your life.  What a gift from God to have people you can actually talk to  that follow Christ's  will for marriage.  As Eddie said, keep accountable with them. And if you ever feel you need to do something about the marriage and especially if it  feels you need to do something urgently to fix it, make sure  to contact these people  first and Be still until you know what you should or shouldn't do.

    so many times a mentor keeps us from making a foolish mistake when we get tired of waiting for God's timing and we want to fix things on our time.

    Thanks for the  nice words.

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