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Day 19-20-21

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Day 19 has me looking at past dares, were they hard, some yes and some no. I think the most difficult part is doing the dare and expecting nothing, or worse , more venom. It has also taught me to really focus on God every day and not just Sundays. To pray for forgiveness . patience ,and a greater love for my fellow human being and not to be so quick to judge others.

Day 20 -  Lord change my heart and save me by your grace… I believe the Lord is changing my heart a little everyday. I see this as I greet and treat others everyday . I think much more before I speak now instead of just spouting off before I engage my brain ! I really try to treat others with a kinder tone and to be much more sympathetic to others who are hurting . Whether my wife notices or not ,it is something I see in myself and am proud of ,and I pray to stay this way and to improve on as much as I can every day. I still am riding the roller coaster but I do find myself smiling more and it is a good feeling.

Day 21 has me reading the bible, which I do everyday already , but I read it with a greater interest and a better understanding since this has happened.Through Christ I am offered eternal life and victory over sin and death. Only Jesus has conquered sin and death and through him is our only path to claim our eternal life after death. Praise God that we are under his grace !


  • Those expectations are devastating. Seriously. And they are very difficult to overcome, if not impossible. Do the best you can to show love regardless of how it is received or reciprocated.

    Continue to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you do that for everyone it will become habit even toward your wife. I'm on the rollercoaster with you. I remember you saying before that you like to fix things. Me too, but this isn't something we can fix. Only God has that power. So we have to step back and give Him full control.

    The Bible is the primary thing that keeps me going every day. Last night I read a few Psalms .They are so inspiring. All that King David went through and he never stopped loving God and praising Him. We can all do that but only if we stay in His word and let it become a part of our hearts.

  • As you see yourself changing this is a sign you are building your testimony.  And others will see it.  They may not comment, but they see.  And so will your wife. But right now, she thinks the new you is all a ruse to win her back  That you will go back to the old you once she lets her wall down.  So, remain consistent.  That is key, along with trying to continue to grow in Him.

  • The more you grow and place God way above your wife, not loving her less, this is when more of God's comfort will come and you will feel less and less like you are on a roller coaster ride.  let her ride if she is on this roller coaster, but you stay consistent in the dares.  Let her follow her emotions while you lead your emotions.  

  • Yes they are devastating Eddie,and very hard to overcome . I’ve never done so many nice things for someone else and not receive a “well done “  or “ atta boy “   or in my wife’s case a heartfelt kiss , a big hug or thankyou… Most times I am ignored or she says something rude. When I do receive a thank you , I can tell by the tone of voice it’s not really coming from the heart. It really hurts, but I move on , think of Jesus and smile. I try to stay upbeat as much as I can but I really hate this rollercoaster anymore ! I am grateful that I found this site and have you in the seat beside me . Thanks.

  • Boy Tim you can read her like a book !  She does think this is all a ruse as I’ve heard that several times,and I’ll go back to my old ways any day now ! Or the  “why are you doing that, that’s not you “ line I’ve hears several times. I tell her she’s right , the old me is gone and never to return . That also becomes a challenge for me to prove her wrong and that I WILL do this !  I am doing my best to stay consistent , and her emotions are all over the place . I’ve never seen such emotions from her before. Something is truly getting the best of her. But through this, with Gods help , I will remain patient and vigilant . Thank you Tim.

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